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Liberalism is a mental disorder

The left is always telling regular Americans about tolerance. What do I mean by “regular” Americans? That would be those of us who know America to be a great country and a fantastic society. They tell us that we who value things like Legal Citizenship, and speaking truth even if it is offensive are intolerant. Once again we must cut through the liberal emotion and use logic when we think.
The left has NO tolerance for Christians, they have no tolerance for religious views which don`t allow for Gay marriage. The left will not allow pro life positions in their midst, the left has no tolerance for the white male. The left has no tolerance for women who truly are independent such as Sarah Palin and others. The left has no tolerance for free speech if it is politically incorrect. The left has no tolerance for free markets and limited government opinions. The left is in fact the most intolerant of any group in the world. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder, it is completely void of any logic and is a totally emotional thought process.
The conservative American ( and I don’t mean Republicans) is one who is tolerant of all those who simply love freedom and liberty. Conservative thought is positive and full of life and freedom. Liberalism is full of anger, covetousness, jealousy, laziness, and hate. There have been bad apples from the right such as Jerry Farwell and others . Conservative does not mean far right even though they find their home in the Republican Party. The left has some very nasty bed fellows which they deny such as Castro , Hitler , Stalin, ETC. But then that is politically incorrect to say ……….I don`t give a damn …….it`s a fact.
Conservatives ( not the religious right) never start this kind of war on thought, the left and its constant complaining about fairness, racism, equality (which for them means everyone is equally broke),and on and on are the instigators. Conservatives get their butts kicked in many cases because they are busy minding their own damn business and don’t see the left coming. Conservatives want to be left alone by the federal government. The left wants to be totally owned by and cared for by the Federal Government.


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