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Liberalism is a mental disorder

    One of the great problems we have in America today is a lack of critical thinking.  We have so many good people that are not really politically active or motivated yet the vote based on what they hear on the news and usually without real analytical thought. The left knows this very well and they have exploited this for a very long time. It is my hope to address this very issue with my blog.

     Let’s look at the left …….by the left I mean, progressives, socialists, communists, Marxists, etc.  The greatest weapon the left has ever used which goes all the way back to Karl Marx is “class warfare”.  This is one of the most evil, detestable, techniques the left has ever used to divide and conquer.

      Let’s use some logic and analysis this particular subject. First let’s think about other countries with a different form of government then us.  I would ask you to think about Russia, China, Cuba, and other rock solid communists states…… they have a middle class? No they don`t ….they have the ruling class and the poor. They have very wealthy party leaders and then they have the other income levels based on party or government positions and then the poor.

     To think that America could never be like this is arrogant and foolish, the only thing that separates us from this type of life is the Constitution and our bill of rights. These documents which make “the law” supreme and not one man, one party or one ideology supreme save us from the tyranny of a dictator or a king.  The left has an ideology of “the ruling class” meaning that they truly do not believe that we can think or live for ourselves without them. In some cases I think it is absolutely malicious but in other cases I think that they believe they are helping others in this way.

   Let`s get back to class warfare and explore this further. Do you really believe that rich people are all greedy, selfish, and lack compassion?  Have you ever been given a job by a poor person?  If rich people have more of their own money do you really believe that they will all hide it somewhere and count it in a dark attic? Which is more greedy, to want to keep more of your own money that YOU earned or to use the police power of government (by voting for politicians who believe in high taxation) to take money from your neighbor that is not yours or Obama`s.

   Karl Marx`s hated the principle of private property and so does any progressive or statist. If you believe in private property you must know that money is also private property.  Each day we all get up and trade time for money. Time is a precious commodity that cannot be replaced, each of us has a finite amount of time on this earth and none of us knows how long that will be. If you spend time to earn money you own that money, you traded your time on this earth which you don`t know how much time you have, for that money.  Rich people do the same thing as well, most have spent years in college ( while most poor people quit school or drank and drugged their opportunities away) or spend 50,60,and 70 hour work weeks building a company. Their success is bought and paid for by the precious commodity of time.

     I know that in some cases they may have inherited the money or had some stroke of luck but these cases are truly rare. Along comes Mr. politician and says “ hey guys ,if you vote for me I will give you free healthcare “ or “ if you vote for me I will make sure that you get $10 an hour minimum wage”. What they are saying is I will vote to pass laws that raise the taxes on the rich and take that money and spend it on other people.  Can anyone tell me why this is not theft?  Yes we should have taxation to pay for infrastructure, first responders, the military, and a social safety net, but that’s all we should take from the citizens.

   The poor outnumber the rich in this country and the left wing politicians know this.  When they say “tax cuts for the rich” they are saying “screw them they have enough”. I ask you what the hell business is it of Obama, Pelosi, and Ried how much money my fellow American`s make.  What damn right under the constitution do you have to take you neighbors money or private property?  I tell you this right now and it is a fact, if Washington democrats would cut taxes across the board and cut corporate taxes, we would see this economy turn around in 6 mos. WHY? ……..because people spend their own money better than the government does.  When a rich person has more money they will expand their business, buy more cars, build another house, buy more cloths, etc. Every one of the actions I just described creates a job for someone, the car has to be built and sold, the expansion of a business (maybe a second restaurant) creates jobs, the cloths have to be sewn and delivered to the store.

   The progressive ideology had failed in every other country in the world where it has been tried. Why did America become the richest nation in the world even though we are the youngest? Because of free market capitalism and the ownership of private wealth.  The Obama administration is killing the goose that lays the golden egg.   How much more can we tax the rich before they just quit? If we run out of rich people to tax ….then what?  America and capitalism is not perfect but it is more perfect than any other system known to man so far in human history.



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