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conservative utopia

Liberalism is a mental disorder

      Obama made his speech on the economy yesterday. I admittedly did not listen to it because in the first few sentences he said “we are headed in the right direction, we are just moving slower than expected”. He is a liar period…….and anyone who can stomach his illogical rhetoric is a fool. If you just take the partisan bias out of the mix and listen to his words and analyze them, they make no sense at all.

    How are we headed in the right direction Mr. President? And in who`s opinion is the direction right? Other words …..If you believe in big government, high taxation to pay for it, and social programs galore, then yes we are headed in the right direction.  The next question would be is that the right direction???? This is simply a battle of ideology between left and right. Obama is a leftist, which is a fact.

    We are at a point I am afraid that these two ideologies cannot be reconciled. What do I mean? I mean that for all the years our great country has existed we have had democrats and republicans but they were able to come to some form of agreement on how to govern. That is no longer the case. Just like the Chinese revolution, the Cuban revolution, Korea, Vietnam, etc, we are headed for bloodshed between the two ideologies of progressivism and conservatism.

    Obama is an illogical fool, though he is not stupid, he is a Marxist by his own actions. His words, if you analyze them, do not make sense they just sound good.  We are headed for disaster if one only takes a real look at any number of real economic signs. Keep putting you heads in the sand Obama bots …….sooner or later you will see the horrible reality of who this man is and what he is doing.



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