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Liberalism is a mental disorder

     Obama was in the news again today bringing us tidings of joy with his new $50 billion dollar infrastructure scheme.  It is so obvious that this jerk hates the private sector and refuses to do anything that will bring back small and large business to the economic playing field.  It is true that another roads bill would create jobs or at least “in his words” save existing jobs.  The problem once again is that we don’t have $50 billion to spend!!!!!

   In your own home if you wanted to add an addition to your home but you can`t pay your current monthly bills without borrowing from credit cards or mom and dad what do you do? You both plan for the future and save or you go get another job, catch your bills up, and then build the addition.   If we did something, anything for the private sector such as …oh I don’t know….tax cuts??? We might be able to afford to add to another government project.  The only reason this idiot is doing this is so he can say that the republicans are against creating jobs.  No you jerk …they are against spending any more borrowed money from china.  They would like to see you do something to stimulate business which will create far more jobs compared to spending borrowed money from china.

     It is a proven historical fact that tax cuts spur economic growth in the private sector. The Last democrat to do this was President John F. Kennedy and it worked for him.  If you cut taxes and the economy starts to grow the tax base coming into the treasury grows. This would help to pay for this disastrous deficit we are making our grandchildren responsible for.  There is only two possible reasons  why Obama and the dems won’t do this ….one is that they are too damn stupid to understand history (which I don`t believe) or two…….they refuse to let go of their anti capitalist ideals. I know …you’re thinking OMG another conspiracy theory.  It`s not that at all people, it`s just a fact that this man and this congress refuse to do anything but try and spend our way (federally) out of this depression we are in.

    If you can’t spend your way out of dept …..why the hell would you think the federal government can???? The federal government needs more tax revenue from the private sector to survive this horrible deficit.  The only way to do that is to cut taxes and let the business sector begin to grow again. The other absolute necessity is to make congress and Obama stop spending any more money RIGHT NOW PERIOD. If he gets his way and they pass this bill it may create a few thousand more government jobs, along with a few more pensions to fund and (in Obama`s world) more union voters to vote Democrat. That’s all this guy cares about, his utopian ideal and the party he lives for.

     Fellow American`s …..while we keep being distracted by this damn idiot we have elected to high office, China and Russia are building their armed forces exponentially,  and they are drilling for oil and don`t give a damn about the environment.  They are laughing at this stupid government we have as they watch us cut our own (national security) throats meanwhile telling us all the pretty things we love to hear. Putin is a damn communist and even Bush was too stupid to see that but he kept him in check at least.  Damn people ……we have a mess on our hands and we better damn well wake up.  I don`t have anything against my brothers at the local DOT office getting more work, But damn it the private sector is suffering horribly and this jerk Obama doesn`t give a damn about it.

     I want you to take a minute to think about all the people you know around you who are hurting and out of work. Think about the people you know who have lost their jobs, their homes, their cars. Think about all the closed and empty businesses you see around your community that have gone down in the last two years.  Think about how every day the news is bad or worse …… there seems to be an assault daily on our values, institutions, and security.  Think about the income you or someone in your family or circle of friends had two years ago compared to now.  Can anyone really believe that this is Bushes fault???? Would we have let Reagan, Clinton, or Bush blame their predecessor this far into their presidency??? This friend is the fault of government and only government. This is not because capitalism failed … is because we have failed to elect competent statesmen who want to serve our nation.  Government is the only thing in the way of our success as a nation right now.

    The damn Republicans spent like drunk monkeys in the late 1990`s and early 2000`s but they did not leave Obama with a deficit this high……he has done this …him and his congress.  There will always be those 25% or so of left wing drones that want to be leaches on the ASS of society and suck off the government. There will always be the 25% or so of right wing Conservatives that want to rid society of Gays and make everyone read the bible.  The 50% in the middle had better wake up and embrace smaller cheaper government and demand statesmen to be elected instead of self serving idiots like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and quite a few Republicans. 

     We have a chance in November to stop Obama in his tracks and put an end to the fear we are seeing in the private sector.  If the congress goes back to the Republicans they had better understand that we are sick of their shit as well but at least they are friendly to business.  Nothing will get done if they win because Obama will veto anything they pass no doubt but at least Obama will be stopped.  Those of you who are Obama supporters (and I don`t mean you drones) please lay down your pride and look at the facts, research tax cuts and historical documentation of their effect on the economy.  Don`t do it for me or the Republican`s ……do it for your children and grandchildren. 

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance– that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”  – Herbert Spencer, British philosopher


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