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Liberalism is a mental disorder

     What is fairness? What does the left mean by fairness?  Do you remember when you were little and your mom or dad had to teach you that life was not fair? Is it possible for anyone to make life fair? If you believe in god then you know that he doesn`t make life fair. If you are a Darwinist then you know the law of the jungle is certainly not fair. How can we really be fair?

     The left believes that when one citizen makes more money than another, it isn’t fair. The left thinks that America is an unfair country, unduly rich and full of greed.  Is England fair?  The British are having to cut the national healthcare programs because the tax base can’t pay for the social programs the government has enacted.  Is that fair? If it isn’t fair then how do you fix it? Do you confiscate the rest of England’s private wealth to pay for the gap in funding? Would that be fair? That`s exactly what Castro and his murderous regime did in the early 60`s they confiscated all of the private wealth in Cuba for the good of all. Was that fair? More importantly did it work?

    If you look at any example of the Marxist theory of fairness or equality across the history of its existence, you will find absolutely no example of perfection or fairness.  In fact what you will find is government control, lack of competitive production, poverty, misery, and no hope. You will find people who have no dreams or incentives to be upward and mobile because they have been told by the party that we are all equal.  They have been told from birth, they owe their work, dedication, dreams, and god given talents to the state for the good of the people.  Is that fair?

     The left is so easy to discredit, they have beliefs that are strictly emotion based. I will admit that I wish life were fair……but I have enough ability to think logically and know that it is in fact NOT fair. I am able to stop myself from pulling the lever at the voting booth for some political hack that tells me “vote for me and I will spread the wealth”. What could someone possibly mean by “I believe in spreading the wealth”……..what they mean is they will gladly steal it from some other private citizen who actually worked for it. The next thing is they will send it out to social programs which are so full of waist and corruption that god knows who gets the money.  This is done in the name of fairness.

     I have said before that I am not against social programs and safety nets.  I think America has enough wealth to afford to take of the elderly or indigent and we should. If we got all the blood sucking leaches out of the system we could give awesome care to those who need it.  Here is where we have to be politically incorrect which requires logic.  The first thing we do is get every damn illegal Mexican off the government dole and throw them the hell out of our country…… that fair? Hell yes it`s fair and it is right.  My mother who paid into the system as a working tax payer her whole life is fighting to get the cancer care she needs. If we took  every fat ass single mom who couldn`t keep her legs closed and every illegal alien off the system people like my mother could ( as a citizen who gave to the system) get the care they need and deserve.

     Fellow citizen …….there is no example of fairness in this world and there never will be.  America and Capitalism is the closest thing to perfect fairness we will ever see because it allows total freedom to choose success or failure.  If you choose failure then you should pay the horrible cost of it and not society as a whole. Maybe your family can help you get your head out of your ass.  If you choose success you should reap the great rewards of it.  The left attacks the rich every damn day, show me one welfare recipient who had created a job.  The same welfare recipient, who voted for Obama because they hate the rich man, gets his/her welfare check from the wealth the government confiscated from that rich person. One last point………for those of you moderates who think” I don`t mind paying my fair share” how much is fair? Is 25% fair? Is 35% fair? …… about 50%, 65% 70%?????? Who the hell knows? If you want to get a good laugh, ask a democrat that question………talk about greed ……the look of excitement on their face is awesome. They suddenly see an opportunity to take as much as they want from you. Now then remember that the larger the percent of wealth you have confiscated from you the more of a slave you are to that master. If you make a dollar and you can keep 90% then you are in control. If you make a dollar and you can keep 50% …….now the odds are shifting as to who is in control of your wealth. Finally, if you make a dollar and the government keeps 70% and you get 30% ……who owns who?  The end of the game is when they keep 100% …….just ask any Korean, Chinese, or Cuban.



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