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Liberalism is a mental disorder


     I heard a news report today about David Axelrod on CBS “The Early Show” over the weekend. He basically argued the same old tired left wing argument that we can`t afford tax cuts.  Can you believe the nerve of these idiots in the White house?  When you say you can`t afford to pay another increase in car tag fees, land taxes, power bills (tax and trade bill), and other government fees they don`t give a damn. If you say “we want a tax cut” these jerks pull out the same damn lie every time, you know the one about “tax cuts for the rich”. When they say “we can`t afford a tax cut” they are talking about our damn money!!  They are saying to the people they work for “No, you can`t have any money back from the government, we need it too bad”.  I don`t care what some rich person makes and I refuse to be mad at the wealthy citizens and neighbors of this great country because a jerk like Axelrod wants to steal from them.

   This idiot Axelrod has never had a job in the private sector running a company. David Axelrod has never made a payroll on Friday and he has never had to look at the bottom line and make a tuff decision about an employee.   I am constantly amazed at the citizens of this country that believe the government should have more money and we should have less.  Fellow Americans…….there is no middle class anymore and it is because of government policy wonks like Axelrod.  Common sense dictates that if a rich person or a poor person pays fewer taxes they will have more money to spend.  The problem is that 50% of this country pays no taxes, so they don’t care about the lies jerks like Axelrod tell.

     Most people would say “I pay taxes every year, just look at my pay check”. Let’s analyze that for a second. If you make less than $50,000 a year then you probably don`t pay taxes unless you are single. If you are married or have kids and you pay in $5-6000 in taxes or less in many cases and you get your deductions and child credits you wind up getting back a few thousand.  If you make $30,000 or less you are getting back more than you paid in, therefore, you paid no taxes.  On top of all that you gave the government an interest free loan on your money for the year.  Wake up drones you are being duped by these detestable thieves.

    The republicans are not perfect by any means but at least they don`t want to confiscate your private wealth.   Axelrod is our employee and you drones that allow him and this congress to steal from your neighbor and fellow Americans should be ashamed.  We have to quit letting the left pit us against one another people!! A rich person getting a tax cut is the best damn thing that could happen right now. I will make a prediction…….in November if the conservatives win back the house and or the senate, the economy will increase from that alone. Why you ask?  Because the rich will see that they are no longer in danger from this rouge administration. They will begin to stick there monetary toe in the water again and create jobs. Obama and Axelrod are progressives first and Americans second, they have no respect for the Americans who build the private sector and they do not respect private property. They live by Saul Alinsky`s motto “The ends justifies the means” they will lie and sleep well on it because it advances the cause of progressivism.  

     This interview by Axelrod was like watching someone you loaned money too saying “you don`t need it back and I don`t want to do with less”.  That would be outrageous to have someone say that when they have your money. That is exactly what Axelrod and the democrats are saying to the American public. We the ruling class caused this damn mess and brought about this huge deficit but we don’t want to cut government or do with less. We want you to hate your fellow American because they are rich and since we out number them we will use your votes to steal their money and give it to you. This is true greed, to take what is not yours because you can. This is covetousness and you that support these detestable liars are guilty of theft and greed just the same.

     It is actually true that the left is in the minority and the poles show this. Most Americans don`t want to be called greedy or racist so they won`t say they are conservative.  When they get to the poles they vote their conscience. I hope it is not too late to stop the progressives and I hope in our day or our children`s we won`t see bloodshed.  The two ideologies of conservatism and progressivism cannot be reconciled. The anger and hate between the two sides starting with Reagan in the eighties is at its worst in history.  All we can do is try to not let politicians make us hate each other, it is far more justified to hate them.



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