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conservative utopia

Liberalism is a mental disorder

     I think one of Gods most precious creatures is the lovely little bird.  I have been bird watching for a few years now and I can`t think of anything quite as peaceful to observe as a bird feeder. I often get my morning cup of coffee and my bible and just sit and watch the little guys enjoying the seeds and nuts I have put out for them.

     There are a number of birds which I love ,the goldfinch is one of may favorites. Then there is the nuthatch which I call the little upside down bird. The nuthatch loves to eat bugs off of tree bark. A nuthatch will climb a tree from the top down so they can better see the bugs hiding in the bark cracks. One of my most precious memories is the day I woke up to a flock of redbreast grosbeak on my feeder. This was a rare treat and I was so blessed to see this bird.

     In life there are so many responsibilities and complications we must deal with on a daily basis. I am grateful that god has shown me how to relax and enjoy his wonders. I was once told when I was younger by an older friend that her 40`s and 50`s were her favorite. This friend said that in those years she had come to know herself and was more able to enjoy her life. I have to agree that the older I get the less I worry about the small stuff.

     What are you missing by not finding something to enjoy? Something that makes you relax? take the time to find that thing……you deserve it.



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