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Liberalism is a mental disorder


     I have been analyzing this issue of burning the Quran for some time now and I finally came to a logical conclusion.   I first looked at this as provoking the Muslim community and saw no value in that. I then began to watch the media and their illogical bias and propaganda machine go to work.  I saw them refer to the Quran as “The Holy Quran” on most occasions.  This was amazing to me as I don`t think I have ever heard them say “The Holy Bible”. I wanted to give a direct quote from The New York Daily Times Online:

 Hate-filled fanatic ripped pages out of a Koran and lit them aflame Saturday amid the chaos outside the planned community center and mosque near Ground Zero. “If they can burn American flags, I can burn the Koran,” the unidentified zealot shouted. “[Americans] should never be afraid to give their opinion.” Witnesses said it was a ghastly display of fervor – apparently inspired by the Florida pastor who vowed to torch the holy books earlier in the week – overshadowing what should have been a somber day. “Burning Korans is like setting up recruitment to Al Qaeda – it does nothing for the cause and only brings problems,” said Lance Corey, 61, a retired history teacher from the Bronx who opposes Park51.

(Daily News Online, September 11th 2010)

     I have never in my life heard such a bias rant on the part of a professional reporter in my life. If you watch the video of this incident the man never speaks a word the whole time, He just quietly stands there and burns a Quran page by page until police escort him off the scene.  How could these so called journalists call him a “hate-filled fanatic”?  If anyone spends the time to look at the media reports it is as if they are all Muslims.  Americans on the other side of this issue (on the defense of the Quran) sound as if they are scared to death of these radicals.

    I will admit that there is some (and I do mean some) logic to the argument that this will incite danger to our troops.  I will admit that I see no reason to act like our enemy acts but this bias is so obvious it is comical. These people have been burning bibles and stopping on American flags with their horrible looking sandaled feet for decades. They have been killing innocent men, women, and children for decades as well. These people are backward and barbaric and have no desire to change. They will never accomplish personal freedom or private wealth as long as they cling to this radical hate-filled religion. Notice I used the word Hate-filled?  I can say that with absolute certainty based on my own two eyes.

     The point I finally came too is that these radical Islamic-fascists have no moral authority to speak to anybody about tolerance period ….damnit!! I hope people burn Qurans on a daily basis because I know they are doing it out of frustration and anger. Every day we as Americans watch this administration and the news media tell us how intolerant we are, and how they have a right to do this and that. We watch as the Muslims beat their women, cut off the hands of children for theft, stone a women accused of being a whore and on and on.  We have to get to a point of being nationalists and damn proud of it, we have to get to a point where we are like this guy in New York who obviously didn`t give a damn what the media or the Muslim world thought.   We have to speak the politically incorrect truth no matter what anybody thinks.

     We as a nation have spent our treasury and our blood to save that hell hole called Europe for two centuries and they still hate us ……..who gives a damn what they think!!! We have shed treasury and blood across this globe and no one cares, they only cry for more.  I say keep burning Qurans until every towel wearing head explodes in anger because they deserve every damn thing they get. They are intolerant, they are violent, they are crossing state and religious lines, they have no credibility nor does anyone who defends that retched religion.



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