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Liberalism is a mental disorder


     I was listening to rush today and I heard him talk about Cuba and the cutbacks they are claiming to have to do. It was funny, in rushes normal fashion of demonstrating absurdity by being absurd he asked” why doesn`t Castro do like Obama and raise taxes and increase spending”?  He then added “because that is the thing he is doing to save our economy”.  It reminded me of my favorite Larry the cable guy saying “I don`t care who you are, that`s funny”.

    Folks this is the kind of illogical crap we get from this white house and these democrats. I have a good friend who is a democrat in his 50`s and he actually tried to explain to me why spending more money would fix the economy. Are you kidding me, I am old enough to remember when the democrats were raising hell about deficit spending. Now …….all of a sudden…`s the thing to do because Obama said so.  So I thought rush brought up a good point, hell if it works for America surly Cuba should do the same thing.  Why can`t Cuba spend its way out of trouble just like us?

    The rest of the world, whether they want to admit it or not, is in a depression just like us. They may hate America but we are the driving force behind the world economy. Why? You ask……because we are the only (or were) capitalist system in the world.  Just like trickle down works in America it works in the global economy, in other words, the rich create jobs and consumer spending the same is true for the world.  We in America create jobs in other countries by our economy and our spending. The reason all the so called communist and socialist utopia`s are failing is because America has stopped growing.

     China and Russia under that detestable liar Putin are racing to be at the top while we are weak. I used to get so damn mad at bush for acting like Putin was some kind of friend to America. Putin hates America and would crush us under foot and will crush us if given the chance.

    Back to Cuba, they are lying off government workers and cutting benefits because their system can’t pay out the benefits.  England is cutting benefits; Greece is cutting social benefits……who is next?  We are that`s who.  We cannot pay out the benefits this president is promising to the people and he knows it.  Fundamental change to him is capitalism to socialism. The Cloward–Piven strategy is in full bloom and I would challenge anyone to deny this fact.  If you are unfamiliar with these two 60`s radicals educate yourself and read up on them.  Here a link to get your started:

     Cloward and Piven knew that one of the ways to force social justice as they define it and to usher in a socialist society was to build the public benefits roles. They knew at the time that they would never reach this goal through the ballot box because capitalism is entrenched in America`s politics. If they could get more democrats in positions of power in the social services and in local politics they would use these activists to increase social welfare rolls. Cloward, Pivens, Alinksy, Clinton, and other 60s radicals may not have known each other by name but they were all aware of the goals that the radicals back then had for this country.

     These people hated capitalism and wanted to usher back into place a new socialism. If you ask any leftist to give proof of a society in which socialism has produced Utopia or at least equality or social justice, they cannot do it. Leftists will always point out that it just hasn`t been done right or they blame the right wing for not allowing the funding needed to create social justice.  The truth is in any of these societies you still find a class of rich and poor.  You always have the ruling class which lives off the backs of the comrades because after all, they are the ones who know what’s best for the people.  Our founding fathers where radicals of their day, they sought a society in which there was no monarchy. They sought a society in which the Law reigned supreme instead of a king, queen, or dictator.  They sought a society in which people could be as poor or as rich as they chose based on their own individual merits. Private property could be owned and built upon, a man/ women could build their own private kingdom.

    Class warfare propaganda from the left has over time eroded our respect of private property. We no longer respect our neighbor’s right to own or build wealth. We no longer believe in individual responsibility.  We now are a society who thinks all Corporations and anyone who is rich is evil corrupt and greedy.  We now think that these greedy rich owe us something and that we have the right to use the police power of government to confiscate their private wealth for public use.  For some reason we don`t see this as theft if the government is doing the taking. We don`t see this as greed when we covet the private wealth of our neighbor, we see this as so called social justice.  

     Good job democrats…… have done well in turning one American against another. Your class warfare has worked, your mouths drip with anticipatory saliva as you prepare to receive your so called Utopia.  I hope the ballot box will stop your lies and you’re so called social equality. If it does not I fear that blood may at some future generation be shed to save America.



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