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Liberalism is a mental disorder

    The Obama administration is barking loudly about the “Bush Tax cuts” and they are saying that the republicans are holding the middle class tax cuts hostage.  They are referring to the fact that the republican leadership wants tax cuts for all income levels and the democrat leadership wants tax cuts for the poor and middle class only. Let’s analyze this for a moment.

     The first problem with this is that the economy is so in the tank that tax cuts for all would be the only thing good for the economy right now. The bush tax cuts expiring would take billions of dollars in tax revenues away from the private sector. Can you think of anything that would hurt the economy more than that right now? If they pass the tax cuts it will only help in the sense that rates won`t go up. In other words not only should they extend the bush tax cuts, they should pass an additional tax cut to spur growth.

    The second issue is that the democrats have the majority. They do not need republican votes to pass or not pass this bush tax cut extension. This can only mean one of two things if you use your brain; either Obama is completely stupid about how the congress works or he is a liar. I think he is a liar …….you don`t go to Harvard Law school and end up stupid.  The republicans simple understand that a tax increase right now would be a disaster period. They not only want to extend these tax cuts they want the rich to get them as well.  It is time we understand that rich people are the economy; they are NOT our enemy people. Rich people create jobs, and that is a simple logical fact.

     It is my opinion that the primary issue we need to address in this country is this damn class warfare that the left has brainwashed half the country into believing.  If we continue to hate the rich, envy the rich, and tax and punish the rich by voting for class warfare leftists we will destroy our economy period. 

     The third and final point is that I don`t believe the democrats plan to pass this anyway. If they bitch about the republicans holding the bill hostage, and Obama repeats it on the news everyday they win on both sides.  The way this works is, the democrats don`t want to pass this extension but they know the tea party and the rest of the electorate is pissed right now. They know that they are losing elections left and right and may lose control of the congress. It is for this reason they need to look like they want to pass it but they can`t because of those rascally republicans.  This is a big lie people, they don`t need the republicans to pass or not pass this bill. They have the votes, they are the majority!!

   Wake up and look at the common sense of this…….please open your eyes to the truth!!!



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