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Liberalism is a mental disorder

     I wanted to address an issue that is so factual yet completely overlooked for the most part. I want to speak about the control of the congress and what it really means. It is absolutely true that a president drives an agenda from his election and from the bully pulpit of the white house yet he has limited power.  A president must have congress on his side to achieve his goals. The founding fathers wanted it this way to keep from having another king or a dictator. There has only been a brief few years since 1945 that the Republicans have had the control of congress. The great majority of the last 65 years the democrats have had control.

    This is a very important point because we hear the democrats tell us how they have a plan to fix every ill. If only they had more time. If only the republicans would get out of the way.  During the Reagan years he had a brief stint in which he had a republican senate but the house was democrat his entire presidency. Reagan was able to work a large majority of his agenda out because he was able to work with Tip O’Neil the speaker (D) at the time.  The democrats complain about reaganomics to this day yet they were the ones who voted it in. Reagan appealed to the American people and they demanded their congress person to vote for his agenda. It is true that Reagan had a huge budget deficit but he had to give them democrats something in exchange for their support.  In other words he gave them pork and allowed some spending that they wanted.

     Clinton had a democrat congress for most of his presidency until the Contract with America ushered in a republican majority. Once again the American people did not like democrat policies and a back lash ensued.  The republicans never used their majority to accomplish what the American people wanted and they spent tax money like drunken sailors. The media and a frustrated electorate brought the dems back to a majority in 2006. People can hate bush all they want and the democrats can blame him until they are blue in the face but they had to vote in his agenda.  The point is that whoever controls the congress controls the agenda and the legislation. The democrats have had control of the congress for 59 of the last 65 years yet no one asks why they haven’t fixed the problems they claim exist.

   The democrats have one thing I admire them for; they are fearless and have guts. When the republicans had the majority the democrats would howl and cry unfair.  The media would report the party line and the republicans would cave. It made those of us who are conservative want to puke!  The republicans are spineless and have very poor leadership skills. The republicans were so damn afraid of the media they gave democrats seats on the committees they should have kept for themselves.  To show how backwards this is;  just think and remember how many times since 2006 when the dems took back control they have shut the republicans out of the debate completely. During the health care debate republicans were never allowed to bring an alternative idea to the floor for a vote. Nancy Pelosi blocked every amendment proposed by the republicans (because she could) and then had the gall to say they had no ideas. The media would then toe the party line and report to you the public that the republicans had no alternative ideas.

     If you think I am full of it, go get educated and check my facts out.  Don`t go and read media reports, go and read the congressional records. You have been duped people …….by the democrats and the so called main stream media.  The democrats have had control for all those years yet no one questions their fault in all of our social and economic issues.  They have had the congress and the white house for 2 years now and no one wants to blame them for all this hell economically that Americans are suffering.  The media stands back and lets Obama claim “it`s all Bushes fault” What a crock of crap!!

Wake up fellow citizen, educate yourself, and jump on board with truth and liberty.  Let’s get the damn government and all the progressives out of our lives and our pockets.



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