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conservative utopia

Liberalism is a mental disorder

     I was sitting around today thinking about how the concept of socialism has permeated so many societies and why.  There is no evidence of its success in any society since its inception into this world as an idea with which to build a government upon.  It suddenly occurred to me that on the face of things socialism sounds like a good and fair idea and that it would solve so many of the worlds ills. It seems that if everything was provided for by government and no one had to fight and compete for a living all would be at peace.  If everyone had a home, a source of some spending money, a car, electricity, and food provided them from the state no one would be hungry or cold.  If this society were built would it not in fact stop crime? Would it not take away the pain of physical illness and homelessness?  If everyone were provided their basic needs from the state would it not solve the horrible character flaws of selfishness and greed? Finally, would it not end the problem of equality and social standing?

    I do believe that in most cases those who have a passionate desire to see a socialist society believe these very things would come true.  I think in most cases it seems so easy and logical that socialism would bring about this very utopia I have described…….there is just one big problem…….people. In any government you need men/women to run things, to administer, to advice and consent. In any society you need people to hold positions of authority or you would never have any organization.  In any society, if you will use logic, you have to have leaders who organize and administer you also must have civil services and police. These things all require people and people are imperfect, selfish, corrupt, perverted, and in some cases evil.

     The founding fathers knew that men can be one or all of these things I have described.  They knew that a society built on freedom would not be perfect on this earth but it had the potential of perfection if the law was supreme and not a man.  The thing that they knew about the governments of their day was that a ruler was in almost every case the final authority on every issue to include a person’s life.  A king or a dictator could simple decide to imprison you for life without a law or a court of your peers to hear your case.  In our experiment of a Representative Republic no one man would be king, not even the president.  Every man/women would be equal under the law of the land as guided by the constitution and subject to its punishments if violated.

    All men would be free to be rich or poor, to own private property, and build wealth to their hearts desire.  The other side of the coin is that each would be equally free to fail and be poor. In the socialists idea of utopia the state would administer all things to the people and equality would reign supreme.  The problem is that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Those societies which have tried to build this utopian ideal have all failed and been filled with the bureaucratic corruption one might expect when men hold such power.  I can only think of one man I would trust as ruler of all, who could be trusted to be fair and equal……Jesus Christ himself.  That is why the law voted on and scrutinized by the constitution is the only ruler of men which can be trusted.

     In our founding one of the issues which the founders knew must be dealt with was the horrible crime of slavery.  They needed the votes of all the thirteen colonies to ratify the new constitution and that meant they needed the states who relied on slavery to prosper.  It is plain to see in the wording of the Declaration of Independence that they believed “all men to be created equal” but they had to let that issue lay until a future date. The constitution plainly showed slavery to be illegal but during the years leading up to and after the Civil War, men on the supreme courts upheld this inequality. After slavery was abolished (by a Republican president) these so called supreme courts continued to uphold inequality because the very men on them were racists.  Later on in the 20th century southern conservative democrats such as Robert Byrd and Albert Gore, Sr (Al Gore`s Father) fought against the civil rights legislation of the day.  Finally, there came into existence a supreme court which interpreted the constitution correctly and made the black man as equal as any white.  This is an example of what happens when men rule and not the law and this is why socialism will never be fair or bring about equality.

  Giving the ultimate authority of your finances, your healthcare, and any other of life`s basic necessities to a man or group of men to administer fairly and without corruption is impossible on this earth.  If anyone wants an example just look at Greece, Cuba, China, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, and on and on. These are all examples of societies in which the people gave their souls to government only to find poverty, misery, tyranny, and loss of liberty.  All must be sacrificed to the state for the good of all yet those in positions of power are wealthy and those who provide the work are all poor.  Was Lenin poor? Was Stalin poor? Is Kim Jung Il poor? …..No!! There are more examples of these so called leaders who steal the very soul of their people in the name of an equal state and a just society.  The people are equal all right ….equally miserable.

    The final point I would like to make is that we are supposed to believe that the great Barrack Obama and his democrats are going to be able to finally do it. The great Obama believes that he has the answers to a society of total equality. We are to believe that socialism in Europe has just not yet been done the right way, that if given the chance these leaders would do it different and that we would not be like every other socialist society in human history. Yes …..They have a plan that will work, they know the way to utopia ……..they have it all figure out.

    There are those in our country that are too damn lazy and irresponsible to consider the points I have raised in this post. There are those who don`t give a damn how much evidence you present to logically expose the history of this ideology. These people I affectionately refer to as “drones” or “Obama bots”. Do not fear fellow American`s because these drones are in the minority as of today but with the help of the Liberal Media and Academia  more of these drones are being produced daily.  Our great society which once produced the most personally responsible citizens on Earth, the most giving and free people of any society known to man is falling apart at the seams.  We must return this nation to its founding principles of individual responsibility and limited government or we will be just another European socialist state.

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which  cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance–that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” – Herbert Spencer, British philosopher



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