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Liberalism is a mental disorder

     In our founding documents the idea of God given rights are well documented. I would like to expound on this for a moment especially for the leftists out there who do not understand the immense importance of this principle. In the Declaration of Independence the founders had this to say:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed… (, 2010)

     Why is this statement so important?  The reason is very simple, because rights given by men can be taken away by men and rights given by God cannot be taken away except by God.  Those people who continue to support this president in spite of the overwhelming evidence of his incompetence and lack of respect for our citizens, what is wrong with you? How is it that you can justify in your head to continue to believe anything this liar says?  Look…….let me back up and say this, there are only two possibilities of why this man thinks like he does. The first possibility is that he is just completely out of his league and uneducated in our constitutional rights. I don`t think this is the case personally because he is too smart. The second possibility is his ideology allows him to believe in “the ends justify the means”.

    This is to say that anything he says or does which advances the cause of liberalism is ok in his morality. His morality allows for him to lie and misrepresent because he believes that the end goal is so justified and so right it is moral to do so. I personally think this is the reason for his actions and it makes sense because he is absolutely a student of Saul Alinsky.

      I want to get back to my original point and say to you that God given rights are rights which we are born with and cannot be taken away. The left believes that rights are given by government and government can take them away. Obama believes the government owns you and your private wealth and that the government can take it away.  If you continue as a citizen to support politicians who convey class warfare and “hate the rich” politics, you endanger yourself as well. You may not like rich people and that is your business but for you to allow the people you vote for to take other private citizens wealth is immoral and dangerous. The very police power you support will in the future turn on you!!

   I know … probably think I am a rich republican right? I am not; in fact I am broker now than I was when I was 20. I lost almost everything I own in the last two years because my business is tied to the housing market. I am simply a man who through critical, logical thinking understands government IS the enemy not the rich. The government creates straw men (fake problems) and then tells us”we have the answer”. The government created all these problems people and now they want more liberty and more tax dollars to fix them. I am including republicans in this as well. The only reason I can stomach a republican at this point is because at least they don`t want to raise taxes and steal more liberty.

     The democrat party is completely infiltrated by socialists and progressives who (as radical as it sounds) are in fact enemies to freedom period. They know damn well what they are doing and some of you are good freedom loving people and your mom, dad, and grandparents were democrats. The reason you vote democrat is because your family vote’s democrat and you are too busy trying to make a living to pay any attention to this garbage. You turn on the evening news and you are told how evil the republicans and the rich are. You hear things like “health care is a right” and it sounds good to you. I beg you to take a moment and study with logic these things you are being told.

     Healthcare costs money period, and the only way money is generated by the government is through taxes (unless we allow them to own private business which is Fascism). If you tax the rich and only the rich they will run, they will move their businesses to other countries that have cheaper taxes, they will escape! We have the second highest corporate tax rates in the world second only to Japan and you wonder why jobs go overseas? The democrats and the unions want you to believe it is because the rich want to hide their wealth and have cheap labor.  If you owned a business and you could keep you headquarters in the USA because it was more competitive to do so wouldn`t you do it?  The myth that rich people don`t need their wealth and that we can keep raising their taxes is going to kill the golden goose.

     Aside from all the issues of wealth, private property, and taxation it is just immoral to covet another citizen’s wealth. It breaks the very principles of our constitution to have the majority out vote the minority and take their wealth by force. Theft is theft whether done by the police power of government or the drug addict who breaks into your home. Greed is greed whether it is done by politicians who promote class envy or by the guy who just wants what his neighbor has. The person who wants to keep what he earns is not greedy, the person who covets what his neighbor has and wants to use the government to take it is greedy. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask if you have been guilty of hating the rich and the guy down the street who has more than you. If you use the government to get even, it will turn on you and you will also lose the rights you wanted taken from him.

   The founding fathers believed that God almighty granted these rights to us. Freedom, liberty, private property, and the pursuit of happiness are God given rights. If you support politicians who believe rights are granted by government, they will use you like useful idiots and turn on you for those rights as well.



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