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conservative utopia

Liberalism is a mental disorder

Some people on the right and even those who are independent wonder how people from the left can still defend Obama or other democrat leaders in spite of the bad news.  This I think can be explained by saying that progressivism is not only a political ideology, it is for some a religion.  That is to say that for those who deeply  believe in this ideology nothing will come between them and their beliefs.  I compare it to my faith which is Christianity and the fact that nothing will come between my Faith and myself  to include death.  Those who believe that progressivism is the best and fairest answer to society`s ills will stop at nothing to defend it. In this post I want to make some comparisons to prove my theory.

Our constitution and the bill of rights is not compatible with the progressive ideology.  The progressive ideology has no room for individualism. In fact progressivism has to eliminate the validity of individualism to survive.  The progressive ideology needs its followers to believe  in the State or the Party as the owner of all property and wealth and to be the fair arbitrator of equality to the people.  The progressive ideology cannot tolerate the individual or individual rights. This is because the individual wants to fend for himself and rely on himself  to own private property and build his own wealth.  The individual minded , liberty loving  person does not mind giving to charity or even paying into a tax system to help with government’s proper role.  The individual minded, liberty minded person detests one man, one party, or a group of men in a party taking his private wealth at the point of a federal  gun.

The progressive wants no private wealth because he believes this leads to inequality and greed.  The progressive believes that all of society’s ills are a form of inequality, race, or greed.  He believes  that the capitalist system is unfair and uncompassionate but never looks to see if his own system has the same sins.  The progressive thinks that his system will provide a fair and equitable distribution of the world’s wealth and that all men deserve their fair share. I have to admit that is does sound companionate……does it not?  The progressive has been out numbered in our country for so long that they are very angry and frustrated that we don`t see the simplicity of his world view.  He sees anyone who believes in individualism as evil, greedy, racist, and uneducated.

When you see movements like the Black Panther Party get a pass on election intimidation which was plainly on video tape you wonder why? The tea party has been branded as a racist movement by the left without any video of any such action.  One can turn on the news or the internet and find story after story of the tea party being racist because that is the left wing template. The media is full of academics who are progressives.  Journalism is no longer reporting what you see or hear it is a template of stories designed to promote the  ideology of the progressive. The black panthers cannot be racist because they are of the progressive religion.  The Black Panther party is just as racists as the clan ever was.

The Republican Party has made some horrible political decisions which are for the most part centered on crony capitalism; crony capitalism is dangerous because it is an enemy to competition.  Crony capitalism creates unfair advantages for big corporations which in turn give kickbacks to the legislators who helped them.  When the republicans had power they took no action to move the conservative agenda forward. They had no leadership and the moderate republicans (who were in the minority) sided with the democrats to defeat the conservative agenda.  The democrats are fighters for sure, they are fearless in their legislative fights but they are dead wrong on what makes an economy work.  I say this to point out that I am no fan of the weak spineless Republicans because I am a conservative first and a republican last.  I detest moderate republicans almost as much as a democrat.  Moderate republicans are progressives, George W. Bush was a progressive……John McCain is a progressive.

Next point to look at is the deficit; do you not remember when the democrats screamed about the deficit all throughout the Bush years?  Why was that? And why do they support deficit spending now?  It is simple…….it is because George Bush was not spending money on social programs the way the democrats wanted him to.  Obama is following the religion of progressivism by spending all we have on social programs of one form or another.  To the progressive spending money on social programs is the only proper way to spend money because the money is not private property to them it is state property. When I speak of these beliefs I am not talking about the average liberal who votes for democrats because they hate the Christian right or because it is hip slick and cool.  I am speaking about the ones who are sold out to socialism, which are followers of Saul Alinsky and Marks.

If you take the time to study Karl Marks and Saul Alinsky you will read for yourself (not my words) that “The ends justifies the means”.  That is to say that no matter what you have to do, say, or cover up to reach the progressive goal it is right to do so.  The morality of progressivism is this; whatever it takes to advance progressivism is moral. The reason they believe this is because they believe it is the most compassionate system and the most fair which in turn makes it morally superior and just.

I want to finish this by saying as I did in an earlier post this week that the progressive ideal sounds good but here is why it is not.  It is very simple to understand if you look at it from a logical rather than emotional view.  Capitalism is not perfect; it has flaws which can be addressed by our laws.  It needs some regulation to function in a compassionate manor.  The most powerful thing about capitalism is that the market place is the great equalizer.  In other words the people who buy and sell even if they are corrupt will be voted on by the almighty dollar.  If you have prices which are too high or if you are a liar or corrupt word will get out and customers will go to your competitor.  In the end the consumer wins every time and the corrupt business will change its ways or disappear.

Socialism, the utopian ideal of the progressive religion, has no competition. It is products and services brought to you by the state.  The state may give everyone  free health care, a home, a job, a car or whatever else but if you have a complaint about it …who do you go to?  Have you ever wished the DOT had a competitor that you could go to for your license when the line was two miles long and the lady behind the counter treated you like cattle.  This is why our great society has grown to be so wealthy and strong even though we are the youngest  country.   Progressive states allow just enough capitalistic enterprise to take place to support the state and its minions. In a communist state the workers produce products and do services which the state regulates and distributes completely. These workers are paid by the government minus cost of living.  Yes they all are equal, they all have an apartment, a bicycle and healthcare.

Finally , in a progressive system you still have the class structure. In their system you have the ruling class which is usually the Party officials and you have the people.  The ruling class decides what you do for a living based on what`s good for the state. They decide what products and services are good for the state. They decide who gets to live and die in the hospital based on cost to the state. Everything  is based on the religion of the state and party which serves the state.  Once again the reason this is moral and just in their eyes is because it is for the good of all the comrades and equality. One man’s life is not worth two in their eyes so if one man is sick and  needs a heart transplant and two others are younger and still able to work the money is better spent on the two.

The last thing to point out is this, the leaders and party officials in these progressive utopia`s  never live under the same rules as the people they rule because after all, they are the only ones smart enough to lead.  I will take my chances with the freedom to be an individual just like my father’s before me. I would rather live in a system where the constitution protects the individual from the state and party leaders .  I want  to live without fear of men who want to own me and tell me how to live my life, what to eat, and what`s politically correct to say.  If we don`t  stop the progressive movement now and the power of the state and party which believes in the state…….we will have to spill blood someday to get our freedom back.



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