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Liberalism is a mental disorder

     I was experiencing anger once again about the sheer lack of compassion the drones have for their fellow Americans.  If you are new to Conservative Utopia I took the term “drone” from Mark Levin which is a shorter version of democrat Zombie.  I look around my own personal city where I live and I see businesses closed. I see dozens of for rent signs on houses which used to be lived in. I see many of my neighbors who used to have thriving businesses or a good job sitting at the local dinner talking about how hard it is.  I look at the headlines on drudge or any other news outlet and see the sheer misery most of my countrymen are in and yet the drones march on.

    The drones believe this is bushes fault, wow ……that’s so convenient and amazing. The drones are so loyal to party and the religion of progressivism that they just believe whatever they are told by the democrats.  The drones never are suspicious of their leaders, they are intellectually lazy at best and void of any critical thinking skills at their worst. The drones see what going on as well but they actually believe that the Republicans who have not held power in the congress since 2006 are responsible for this.  The drones believe that Bush who was a republican president  with a democrat controlled house and senate for the last two years of his presidency; made such a mess of things that 4 years later the world is still falling in the hole. I must say that Bush had more power than any other president in history if that is true.

     The drones seem to ignore the fact their party has the congress for the last four years and the congress and the white house for the last two years. You have to be really uneducated about how the government works to think that George Bush caused so much damage to our private sector that in four years they still can`t fix it.  I remember the words of Ace Ventura “pet detective” …….” Denial is an ugly thing”. Let me apologize, people my mind thinks in comedy and cartoons sometimes.  The economy was in a slight recession at the end of 2007 because the housing bubble was bursting, we have seen this before with the dotcom bubble.  I speak to wealthy customers on a daily basis in my business and they all tell me they still have money but chose to sit on it.  I can hear the drones “see those evil rich people are greedy and hide their money”.  They hide their money because they fear this congress and this president.

   I have said this before but I will say it again so maybe just maybe I can educate at least one drone.  You will never get a job from a poor person. That is not to insult the poor or to say they have no worth to our society, it is to say they don`t create jobs they fill them.  Wealthy private citizens who own corporations and small businesses create jobs.   The great majority of jobs are creates by small businesses whose owners are not always wealthy.  The local builder down the street who has a few crews of men who work for him is not wealthy. Some of these guys make $100-$200 thousand a year but they may employ between 10-50 people as well. This privet enterprise is the backbone of America.

    I started off this post speaking about anger, I had a drone call me this morning about a business matter and somehow the conversation was turned to Obama and she defended her God and of course blamed Bush.  I went through the roof on this women bless her heart, I can no longer sit back and listen to the sheer stupidity and lack of compassion coming from  these mindless morons who still defend this party and this president.  I apologize for this post, LOL; I usually try to convey a lesson in conservative truths and thought. I just had to blow off some steam. 



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