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conservative utopia

Liberalism is a mental disorder

I just got home a few minutes ago and was proof reading this AM`s post. I was in a hurry and a little pissed at a drone I had to deal with on the phone this morning. Sorry for the grammatical error`s. Thanks for your support of this blog, the readership is doubling by the day and I feel really blessed to be able to share and write my thoughts to such an audience. I hope to educate as many people as possible about the ideal and beliefs of the Constitutional Conservative.

The constitutional conservative may find his home in the Republican Party but is not necessarily a republican. We believe in the constitution as written by the founders. We do not believe that it is a living breathing document as the drones do. This is just another way of rewriting the document. The constitutional conservative believes in liberty, freedom, private property rights, states’ rights, and small government with limited taxation.

If you believe in these things then you are a constitutional Conservative. You may be gay, you may be black, you may be brown……we don`t care what color you are as the dems do. We care if you are an American who loves America and is willing to die for the freedom and liberty our constitution gives us. Obama will take all he can from you……you drones who won`t ever be educated, you deserve what you get for your lack of compassion and concern for your neighbor. Your greedy, selfish, self indulged, covetous hate for the rich is a disgusting display of ignorance on your part as to how an economy works.

You drones who take from others will someday have that power turn on you like a pit bull that you trusted. The same government which you stand with to vote them power to steal from your neighbor and fellow citizen will someday turn to you for all you have. We must put class envy away for good and realize your rich neighbor is the guy who might hire you son or daughter. The guy across town who owns the small corporation may contribute to your church or give a family member a job. These citizens are not the enemy……….Government and those who worship this God are the enemy and have been throughout human history.



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