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conservative utopia

Liberalism is a mental disorder

     John was running late for his plane, the flight was scheduled to leave Atlanta at 4:15 Pm and it was 2 Pm now.  He wanted to see Peggy his wife before he left “where is she damn it” he exclaimed with a grimace. Peggy was usually home from the office on Tuesdays just after lunch and besides she new john was leaving for Chicago after 1:00. John looked at the clock again and again as if watching it closely he could somehow stop the time. He decided to double check his luggage,” if she`s not here by 2:15 I`ve gotta hit the road” he said as if begging the clock to somehow retrieve his wife from where ever she was.

    Peggy was racing down the road looking at her watch, fists tight around the wheel and eyes focused on the road as she sped forward. “Oooh shoot I am gonna miss him, I knew I shouldn`t have taken that last call”.  She hated not to see her husband off when he went out of town. The year before their marriage was on the rocks, the kids were gone and they had just somehow grown apart.  They were just about to separate when their high school buddies and neighbors  mike and Linda suffered a horrible tragedy…..mike was killed in a head on collision.

     They both knew at that moment in the kitchen that they never wanted to lose one another and how blessed they were.  Their eyes locked and they slowly began to walk toward one another they reached for each other with a deep sense of loss, regret, and sadness for where they had been. They embarrassed for what seemed like an hour and then slowly walked to the den and sat by the fire.

     John looked at his watch and then the kitchen clock” damn I guess I will just give her a call on the cell and let her know I love her”. John headed out to the car threw his luggage in the rear and sped away toward the airport. Peggy was only 5 miles from home but she felt deep in her heart she had missed him.  Suddenly her mind, as it often did, raced back to the night Linda got the news about mike. Her heart raced and she felt a little panicked that she had not looked her man in the eye and kissed him goodbye.  “Ring, Ring, Ring” Peggy’s cell began to ring from her purse so she pulled over “maybe that’s john” she said in a hopeful tone.  “Hello” …” Hey honey, I waited as long as I could where are you?”  Jon said with a hint of frustration.  “I am so sorry honey, I took one more call on that deal we have going on in Roswell………ooooh, I wanted to see your handsome face and ……..John……..I love you”. “I love you too Peggy……don`t worry hun….I will be home in two days and we will spend Saturday together in the Mountains”

  John was so tired that night after the meeting, he closed the big sale and was just about to sit and enjoy a good cigar. He sat and thought of how much he missed Peggy.  He went to get his night cloths on and as he opened his suitcase he smelled perfume.  “Peggy must have used my bag again or spilled some perfume in here”. As he dug a little further he saw a white hanky and a note, he picked up the hanky and he recognized the sweet smell of Peggy. She had put her hanky in the suitcase with john’s favorite perfume on it.  A note was wrapped in the hanky “John….I love you, always, forever, and no matter what…..Peggy”.


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