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Liberalism is a mental disorder

I wanted to take a minute to discuss the Tea Party and see if I can put some truth into the conversation that the lame stream media ignores.  I am not a Tea Party member because I called the local chapter in my area and they we not as organized as I had hoped. They may now be more organized by now but I simply didn`t follow up. I have embedded some links in the terms below to give content and perspective to the arguments. So, let`s talk tea.

 They have been called many things by not only democrats but also the media and even some republicans.  They have been called racists, bigots, Nazis, and other repugnant names.  I want you to use logic and common sense and think about what these names really mean.  A racist believes in race superiority, in other words, they believe their race is superior to another.  When someone uses the “N” word they may not be a racist; they may just be an ass who wants to insult you. They could be a racist, they could be a bigot, and they could just be someone who was so mad they said the “N” word.

Blacks use this word all the time but for some reason they are allowed to use it.  If it is so derogatory (and I believe it is) why would you use it on another person period?  The Tea Party has been called bigots because they have a different belief than the government leaders.  The critics who call these names out at this purely grassroots movement have never produced any evidence to support the names they call them.  When put on the spot by an actual reporter who wants a story; The NAACP  ( there is a short infomercial but this video says it all) leaders simply say the allegations are too serious to ignore.  

We now come to the word Nazi  which is thrown around today like a cup of bad coffee in an airport. The term Nazi is to say that a person or group believes in National Socialism, anti-Semitism, white supremacy, and militarization of their group.  Do you see anything like this when you look at a Tea Party video?? I see regular Americans from all ages and backgrounds wanting lower taxes, and smaller government.  It is true that there are blacks in the movement but very few.  It is not because the Tea Party doesn`t want blacks; rather, it is because blacks are so sold out to democrats.

The Tea Party even scares the Republican`s because they are not with the republican party plank as it currently exists.  The republicans have fought against the Tea Party candidates in several races.  The final point is this; the leaders of this movement and spokes people like Sarah Palin, have hurt no one.  Sarah Palin has never done anything to anyone, she simply is a heretic to the religion of progressivism that`s her only crime. She does not fit the role the liberals want women to think they are stuck in. The same is true for any black that dares to be a normal American citizen. They are an enemy of the left; because, they break the rules of the religion of progressivism which say that America is racist and if you’re black you cannot make it without government.

Educate yourself, never listen to the 6:00 news again, it is bias period.



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