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Liberalism is a mental disorder

What form of government do we now have? Is this a Republic? It can`t be because, in a representative republic civil servants or elected statesmen take an oath to uphold the constitution against unconstitutional legislation. It can`t be a Democracy, in a Democracy the majority rules; Under the current legislative agenda of the Obama administration along with the Democrats in the congress, they are running legislation through that a majority of American`s oppose. (citation)

 Think very seriously about the above question and what we may have become. I want to appeal to all conservatives in the Democrat, Libertarian, and Republican parties. We are the majority and we can take back our Republic! Back to my question ……what form of government do we now have? I say what we have most resembles fascism. What is the definition of Fascism? let`s take a look …..Remember what I have said, this blog is intended to speak to those who have the maturity to seek knowledge with an open mind and logic. Those who are drones of the left or right and cannot be convinced with logical facts need to go to this site: ….. now let`s proceed.

  Fascism is a type of government which seeks to control the means of production with heavy regulation and does not allow opposing views to be heard.

FASCISM: Fascists advocate the creation of a single-party state,[11] with the belief that the majority is unsuited to govern itself through democracy and by reaffirming the benefits of inequality.[12] Fascist governments forbid and suppress openness and opposition to the fascist state and the fascist movement.[13] Fascism opposes class conflict, blames capitalism and liberal democracies for its creation and communists for exploiting the concept.[14] Fascism fashioned itself as the “complete opposite of Marxian socialism”[12] by rejecting the economic and material conception of history, the fundamental belief of fascism being that human beings are motivated by glory and heroism rather than economic motives, in contrast to the worldview of capitalism and socialism (

Historians all say that there is no exact definition of Fascism in a perfect form however what we do know of those governments who have claimed Fascism as a way of life; they fit the above definition to one degree or another. I ask those who contend “oh come on! That could never happen in America” ….why not? What makes us as different as a people that we can`t become victims of a rouge government like so many other peoples have in human history? The only thing that has separated America from the tyranny of socialism, communism, and fascism in the past is we have totally rejected leaders who have tried to sneak these government philosophies into our legislative process.

 If you open your eyes; even if you agree with this administration you have got to admit that they are governing against the will of the people with no regard for their opinion or wishes. They have not followed constitutional constraint and they shut out any opposition. It is time for conservatives to unite against a rouge congress and administration which has trampled on our founding document and our Republic. I would rather be broke, hungry, and cold as a free man then have everything provided for me at the cost of a powerful central government which rules from Washington. I do not want to see them steal private property from my neighbor to pay my way. I will pay my own way! I want to be free, give me liberty or give me death! Tyranny always comes from an all powerful elitist government that wants to own everything you have and tell you how to live your life.

A final thought for the drones that are always going to want the government to take care of them; you are a leach on the ass of society and an enemy to this country, and we will defeat you politically. Grow up and get some stones, move to a socialist utopia elsewhere and leave my damn country alone. Oh ……I forgot there is no socialist utopia; IT HAS NEVER WORKED IN HUMAN HISTORY!!!! Of course that would require logical thinking on your part and we all know that liberalism is a mental disorder.


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