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Liberalism is a mental disorder

The Obama/ Clinton trial balloon was floated over the internet and airways yesterday and the laim-stream media was salivating again. It is almost sickening to watch these media talking heads like Chris Mathews and George Stephanopoulos get goo -goo eyed when such news hits the airways. The republican and democrat parties continue to bring out old tired war horses and try to reinvent them for our liking. I am sick of the old guard in both parties; these are the people that created the problems we have now, Clinton, Bush, Reid, Pelosi, and on and on.

Can we just get some new blood in Washington for once? I am excited about the Tea Party movement for a couple of reasons; one, is that they are bringing new faces to the political scene; and two, they want smaller and cheaper government.   The very idea that the Obama drones would get excited over an Obama/ Clinton ticket, shows how they will do anything to keep power. The politicians in Washington don`t give a damn about us, they just want power.

People are in so much pain right now; I have addressed this in many of my recent posts because I hurt for my fellow Americans. I sit and watch so many people around me loosing homes, businesses, and jobs. I see nothing at all from the democrats to relieve the pain. I only see Obama, driven by his ideology, pushing forth his progressive agenda. When this man stands in front of a crowd of useful idiots and screams” change takes time, it aint easy”, he is not kidding. The drones think he means change for the good; he really means fundamental change, he really means socialism.

Obama doesn`t want Stalinist communism, I think he really believes that socialism has just not yet been done the right way. If you pay attention to progressives they are continuously showings us their belief that American progressives can finally get it right: American progressives have got the correct formula for a socialist society that works.

I want to speak to the drones for just a minute; I want to educate you drones out there if it`s possible. Take the time to look up Saul Alinksy; after you look him up see how the name Clinton and Obama tie in with him. In the 60`s Clinton and Obama studied and applied his teachings to their lives. Clinton and Obama were followers and Disciples, if you will, of this man Alinsky. If you study Alinksy you will see that he was a cold calculated progressive who saw no moral dilemma in winning at all costs.  Alinsky`s famous quote from his book “Rules for Radicals”, (Random House, 1971), was “the end justifies the means”; this is such a huge revelation into the mind of a progressive if you analyze that statement.

Clinton and Obama absolutely were, and are, connected to Saul Alinksy. Clinton and Obama absolutely did believe in his philosophies; and furthermore, they still believe in his philosophies if you look at their words and actions. Clinton and Obama absolutely believe in “the end justifies the means”.  I know some of you may not understand the quote “the end justifies the means”, and that is ok, let me give an example: To live by this statement, is to say that you will lie, cheat, and steal to win.

If you have eyes, look and see; if you have ears, listen.  All you have to do is listen to their words and then see if their actions match up. The legislative agenda which Obama has put forth is an agenda of progressive ideals.  Obama has done nothing at all to lift the private sector up out of the trenches. Obama has only one goal in his mind, and that is to make Government the sole entity in which Americans look to for all things.



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