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Lawlessness begets lawlessness:

We have only one thing in our great nation that protects us from the tyrannical evils of men with power: The US Constitution and The Bill of Rights. These two documents guarantee us a right to freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  These documents guarantee us due process of law in the face of the Government and the courts.  What could possibly go wrong in such a system as this? Corrupt judges and politicians are what can go wrong.

A lawyer is not always a good judge just because he/she knows the law. In some cases lawyers make horrible judges because they cannot be unbiased in their capacity to judge a case. They cannot look at the law as written by a state or federal legislature, and simply judge a case accordingly. This is called judicial activism and is the first step toward tyranny.  A judge should look at a case, study the law as written, and then judge accordingly. In today`s world we have judges who use personal politics and case president rather than the law to make a ruling. Case president is bunk if you look at history from the standpoint of poor judicial decisions.

The Supreme Court is only one example of poor decisions which were unconstitutional in nature.  The “Civil Rights Act of 1875” is an example of an attempt to fight the “Jim Crow” laws of that time; these laws were unconstitutional because “all men are created equal” in our Declaration of Independence: Therefore, all men should have been extended all rights granted by the constitution.  The founders knew, in their day, that the British were the primary problem that must be addressed; they knew slavery was evil but could not risk breaking up the colonial coalition they needed to win independence.  It took nearly two hundred years for all citizens to have the rights that God in heaven granted them because of corrupt judges.

The “Jim Crow” laws were upheld by every supreme court until the “Warren” court in the 50`s.  This is not the fault of the constitution or the bill of rights; it is the fault of men who rule with their political views rather than following the law as written.  Judges on both sides of the political isle have done so. The sad thing for Black Americans, is that most of them have no idea the Democrat Party kept them  living in the Jim Crow laws, not Republicans.  In a Constitutional Republic, as we were once founded, majority does not rule, the law rules the majority. The law protects the individual from the tyranny of the majority. If this would have been the case in the days of slavery and the Civil Rights movement, the majority would not have won. The majority at that time was racist and bigoted and the Supreme Court continued to uphold bad law and bad president.

The progressives who read this will shake their heads yes; wait just a minute before you think I am on your side.  The left likes to tout “majority rules” until they don’t get their way. In the recent passage of “Obama care” we saw a majority who didn`t want this law passed. The progressives were fast to point out all of a sudden, that we were a representative republic; and that representatives decide, not the majority. This is absolutely true in the case of something constitutional, but the Obama care” laws are not constitutional. There is no place in the constitution which gives the Federal Government the authority to force any citizen to make a purchase. Obama care forces you to make a purchase of government insurance or pay a fine: furthermore, it forces private insurers to cover previous conditions and other costly issues which will drive their price up. The Obama care laws will also not allow insurers to raise premiums too high; this will force them to shut their doors, and ultimately force people into Obama care and a public option. This was the goal all along; the end justifies the means.

I write today on this topic because a recent decision by a circuit court Judge in Chicago which sided with White House attorneys and Obama care. If we come to a place where lawlessness prevails in our courts, other words, judges find things in the constitution which clearly are not there; lawlessness begets lawlessness.  When a people can no longer count on the constitution, the courts, or the ballot box to resolve issues, what is left? If the government continues to make up laws as they go with the assurance that some activist judge or court will uphold them, what will happen to the order of our society? Men will soon see that there is no true law; men will see that they must take what they want rather than use the system to get it. The next step from this point, if we follow history`s lesson`s, is bloodshed and Civil War. God help us to bring our nation back to the rule of law, not men.



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