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Liberalism is a mental disorder

What do I mean by this statement? We as Americans have become so divide by party that we literally hate one another from across party lines. We all have our bumper stickers that show our disgust for the other side. We all laugh the evil laugh of mad men when we see the other side fail. Don`t get me wrong I am right there with ya`ll. I am a conservative first and a republican second. I am so damn sick of the Republican Party at this point I don`t have a party. The republicans are weak and spineless in their resolve to fight. I have to say that socialists in the democrat party are fighters and they don`t give up until they win. The problem I see is that the Republican Party is too liberal and the democrat party is socialist. But where is the majority of Americans?

One of the most accurate polls is Rasmussen and I say that because they have been the most accurate historically. ( There polling shows that the American people are largely conservative in fact they are the majority. ( ) Why is this so important? we as Americans are fighting each other instead of the true enemy ,the government. It is true that there will always be those who want the government to have total control and to take care of them. The vast majority of Americans just want to be free and be left alone. Those who want to have the government take care of them from the moment they are born to the day they die will never listen to reason.

What do we want as conservatives in both parties? Pat Cadell is a democrat that I respect because he is a truthful decent man. He is socially liberal (welfare, abortion, etc) but he is a physical conservative (military spending, government power). Pat cadell makes the argument that his party has been hijacked by socialists and communists and most people laugh when they hear those words but he is right. Obama is a socialist period and there is plenty of evidence to prove that. The federal government is spending trillions (with a T) on government jobs, healthcare and other programs during a time when we need JOBS!!! not more government. The polls show clearly that American`s don`t want socialized medicine or a government run healthcare.

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Furthermore they don`t want more government spending. The government does not make money, they don`t sell a product or a service as a private sector business does. Where do they get their money? From taxes ……that`s it they get all of it from taxes. The more they take from us (democrat or republican) the less we have for our families. The more they spend in deficit spending the more our future is sold out to paying off dept. What is deficit spending? It is like you in your own home living off of a credit card. We all know how damn stupid that would be, yet this is what those idiot`s in Washington are doing. The congress and Obama are spending money on one big government credit card and we and our children will have to pay it back.

I don`t want to offend my democrat brother and sisters who are conservative, I just ask you to open you mind and your eyes so we can take back our country. We may differ on some issues like welfare and abortion but we both want to be free to own a business and make money and actually keep what we make. As for the socialists who may read this, you are an enemy to my country and I don`t give a damn what you think.


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