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Liberalism is a mental disorder

The republican party is under the mistaken impression that the current political climate is about them: sorry guys it`s not about you. The current electorate and the Tea Party are voting against democrats, not for republicans, and there is a difference. The Republican Party is just as much at fault for the Obama/Pelosi disaster as the democrats are. I am not saying its George Bush`s fault like so many of the drones do, I am saying that the republicans abused the authority that we gave them. The republicans caused so much anger about spending; and they were so willing to cave to the democrats, that the conservatives walked away in 2008. The independents were saying: “anybody but the republicans”, and the progressives were in la`la` land over Obama

The republican leadership in the house has always been more willing to stand on conservative principles, but the senate is a joke. John Boehner (R-OH) has stood strong against the Obama regime and will make a good leader in the house;  Mitch Mc Connell on the other hand talks tuff but seems more than willing to reach across the political aisle. Let me help you republicans get a clue! We do not need to compromise any longer with the progressives; they never compromised with us did they! They never allowed republican alternative bills to come to the floor for a vote; all the while telling the media the republicans have no ideas to bring to the table. Does anyone else here remember when the republicans were in control and they actually gave democrats some seats on certain committees? They did so because the democrats cried to the media night
after night that Gore should have won. The spineless republicans caved as usual and let the democrats share committee seats……yuk!!

We conservatives must remember how brutal these progressives are when they hold power; we must not be willing to cave to their cries for fairness. The election could produce a huge majority for the republicans in the house and possibly the senate as well.  The republican leadership had better toe the conservative line or we will throw their asses out in 2012. This is about saving the greatest Republic the world has ever known, this is about saving America, this about freedom from the tyranny of government; it is not about the Republican Party.

We must remember that our founding fathers knew that a country ruled by men would always spiral down into tyranny. They knew that the rights of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (not the guarantee of happiness) were granted to men at birth by almighty God. They knew that if God granted rights no man could take them away; they were inalienable and no government could interfere. If government is the source of rights, then government can take them away.  If you look at any other nation and their socialistic or communistic governments, the people are granted rights from that government. The unrest in Europe is a direct result of failed socialism and rights granted by government.

The republicans need to understand that they have become the lesser evil. They need to understand that the people will be watching and we will vote them out if they do not follow constitutional principles. The democrat party no longer has a moderate wing. They ALL voted for Pelosi`s agenda period. They now are running home and lying to their constituents about their actions in Washington, they are running from Obama and Pelosi. How pathetic they really are! I say in closing “we are not  campaigning for republicans, we are campaigning against democrats”


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