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Liberalism is a mental disorder

The democrats are already trying to spin this victory in a way which lets their ego remain in tacked.  I remember when they lost big in 1994 and the next day they started telling the media that we the people didn`t understand them, they were mischaracterized by talk radio and other news outlets. NEWSLFASH: you were not mischaracterized then, nor are you now, we the people know exactly who you are. The American electorate did not vote for republicans they voted against democrats.

The Republicans won the house as we all know by a historic margin, they won governorships, and state legislatures as well; yes, Dingy Hairy Reid survived, but the republicans picked up close to 10 seats as we now estimate. Harry Reid is a detestable liar and we all (those of us who use our brain to think) know he is, he is one of the most crooked politicians in modern history. That being said, for those of you in Nevada that voted for him, SCREW YOU!!

The democrats are not going to learn and Obama is an ideolog who will remain on his course, he will just do it in more stealth fashions.  I want you in the Tea Party to understand something, this is an historic victory for conservatism; however, we still have no real power to move forward some of the legislation we would like to pass. The democrats will use the media and the useful idiots on the left, to tell us how it is the republicans fault now that they are in power. They use to say it was Bushes fault but they will no longer need Bush, they will have a republican house to blame. The point is; the democrats never admit fault or change their ruthless pursuit of socialism. The republicans have stood in front of microphones after being defeated in the last few decades and did a mea-culpa about their mistakes; the democrats never do.  The democrats always begin to tell us how we just didn`t understand, or we were misinformed, or we were racist, homophobic bigots. It never seems to be their fault does it?

The democrats at the national level and locally seem to be in some neurotic state of total denial of the facts in front of them; meanwhile we all look at them and go: ……WHAT? Let me educate you drones out there; you and your party were rejected by the vast majority of Americans. This means that they think your ideology, your agenda, and your way of life is CRAP!  Is that clear enough for you drones or do we need to have flash cards and finger paints for you?

To you republicans out there: we are watching you as well, this is about saving the American dream as founded in 1776. This is not about the Republican Party, so if you screw this up we will throw your sorry asses out as well!! To all Americans, sorry drones this doesn’t include you, do not trust the media and do not fall for the propaganda of the progressives. The media will be telling you how to think and will be helping the democrats to re-write the election results, don`t fall for it.  If it takes power from us and gives it to government; it’s a bad idea, I don`t care how many old people, children, or dogs it will save.  We as Americans don`t need the damn government to take of us, we can take care of ourselves.

In closing; I have worked in the field of drug and alcohol abuse for over 20 years. In the community of addicts and alcoholics it is well known that while in active addiction most addicts cannot be honest with themselves. In the face of overwhelming evidence that they have a problem or that they are wrong, they continue onward toward destruction.  Family, friends, loved ones, all stand back and watch as the addict is “constitutionally incapable of being honest with themselves”.  They somehow have no ability for true self analysis; they seem lost in a world of neurotic, narcissistic, darkness.  This is the modern day progressive; they are like the addict who cannot come to terms with the truth.  In spite of decades of failures on the part of Marxism, socialism, communism, or any other nasty ism; they trudge onward toward the goal of their Utopia.  They cannot be compromised with; they must be destroyed politically period.




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