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Liberalism is a mental disorder

There is nothing as painful as the reality of dark deep loneliness, and that is how LeAnn felt that cold winter day as she waited for the news.  Leann had been so close to her grandmother and now that she was in the hospital she didn`t know what she would do. Leann had no real father in her life and her mother didn`t seem to care.  It all started back in July when LeAnn was out of town with her grandmother and she was complaining of a horrible pain in her head. They cut the trip short and headed home early.

As the car pulled away from LeAnn’s house she already missed her grama, she hoped that grama was ok as she lay down to take a nap.  The next day she was told by her mother that grama was admitted to the hospital and that she would take her to see grama after work.  Later that afternoon Leann watch the clock and wondered where her mother was; 6 o`clock…….6:15……..6:45, and still LeAnn waited. Leann walked outside and sat on the porch; she began to think back to her fond memories of grammas’ house.  One of her favorite times was at thanksgiving when grama always made her favorite peach cobbler, she missed her so bad. Suddenly her mother’s car pulled in and hit the bush next to the garage; LeAnn knew that her mom was drunk again.

Leann ran off the porch and down the street as her mother screamed obscenities at her telling her to come back.  Leann knew that something was wrong with grama she felt it deep in her soul and she had to see her.  As she walked down the street and cried an older women was coming toward her and stopped her; the old women asked her if she was ok and LeAnn told her about her gramma and fell on her shoulder and cried.  The old women took her home to her house and gave her hot chocolate and to LeAnn’s surprise she had peach cobbler.  As they talked the women told LeAnn not to worry that her gramma would be ok in the end and that she was headed for the kingdom.

Leann asked the women what she meant by “the kingdom”.  The old women told her the story of Jesus of Nazareth and how he had come to heal the broken hearted and set free the captive hearts.  The women asked her if she knew about this Jesus and LeAnn said she had heard gramma talk about him, but said she just never went to church with her gramma.  That night LeAnn got on her knees with the old women and prayed; she felt more at peace than she had ever felt before and she knew somehow that things would be ok. Leann felt a deep sense that no matter what she would see gramma again and she fell fast asleep as the old women stroked her hair.

Leann woke up the next day and she was in her own bed; she jumped up and looked at the clock… was 9 AM.  She ran to the kitchen and picked up the phone and called her mother and asked her about her gramma.  Leann dropped the phone as her mother told her the news……..her gramma was gone, she had died from an aneurism that night.  Leann remembered what the old women had told her the night before, and she lay down on the couch and cried. As LeAnn lay on the couch she heard a knock on the door…….she slowly looked up and saw the old women’s face looking in.  Leann got up and let her in, then fell into her arms sobbing.

The old women prayed for her as she lay in her lap on the couch “father god have mercy on this your child, give her your peace and surround her with your holy spirit…..amen”.  The women stayed with LeAnn and told her about the kingdom and how happy her gramma would be, that she had a new life and would never hurt again. She told LeAnn about her mother and father and how they were in the kingdom and she would see them again. Leann began to feel happy for her gramma and once again a peace fell over her and she no longer felt alone.  The old women gave LeAnn a bible that seemed very old and special to the women.  Leann told her she would read it every day and treasure it for life.  The old women hugged her and told her she must go home, her work was done and she was in need of rest. She told LeAnn if she ever needed her again, to just get on her knees and pray, and she would come and see her and comfort her again. Leann thought what the women said was a bit odd but said she would and the old women left.

Leann never saw her again; she tried to remember where the women’s house was but couldn`t quite seem to remember.  She searched for the women many times over the years and was never able to find her house. Leann grew up and became a children’s Sunday school teacher in her church; she never forgot the old women who comforted her at her time of need and told her about Jesus. Leann spent the rest of her life telling people about the kingdom and how they too could find the way there.


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