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Liberalism is a mental disorder

I wanted to share with other readers of this blog a response I wrote to a very intelligent comment made by a reader named “jack”. He was commenting on the post entitled “Progressivism; the pied piper of tyranny“. As I wrote the response I realized that it opened up a few very important points about the harm the progressive movement has brought to America and other societies. We also discussed Ronald Reagan and his budget deficits Thanks,scott

To Jack:

Thank you for your very thoughtful and intelligent response to this post.  Let me restate my case which I did not do in the post; I agree with your assessment that the democrats are not the only ones to blame. I think that the biggest difference of opinion we may have is in whom to point the blame toward. I believe that it lands solely in the lap of progressive politics and legislation. There can be no reasonable doubt that the democrat party is wholly sold out to progressivism.

There is no longer such an animal as a conservative democrat. This whole idea of a “blue dog” democrat is horse hockey. The way these democrats voted on health care and the Obama agenda is something they wish they could escape from but they cannot. The media is trying to help them re-write recent history to save them politically. Now let`s talk about the republicans;  the  Republicans have a few progressives as well, John McCain is a progressive, George Bush was a progressive, Lindsey Graham is a progressive, etc.

These Republicans are detestable in my opinion and need to be thrown out of office by the electorate in their districts. I want to see conservatism in high offices around the country. Ronald Reagan was not a progressive; however, the democrats controlled congress most of his two terms. He compromised with them in terms of spending to get tax cuts and military spending approved, so yes we did accrue a large national dept.  The reason progressives HATE Reagan so bad is because he was such an effective opponent politically and they hope theses idiot republicans never follow his lead.

The same democrat party which held Reagan’s feet to the fire on social welfare compromises in order to give him his tax cuts and military spending, blames him for his big deficits later in history. Reagan knew that cutting taxes would increase federal revenues as history proves time and time again. He felt that the cold war would only end if he could out spend the Russians in terms of building our Military arsenal.  Reagan also knew that a non-competitive economy such as the communists have; could not keep up with our free market economy in terms of government spending.  It was a huge big picture mentality on Reagan`s part to use this strategy which did in fact work in the end.

We have allowed the progressive to re-write history about one of our greatest presidents in the 20th century. I will always see Reagan as a hero in terms of how he led this country against an evil and aggressive communist world. To sum this up my friend, I am basically stating that progressivism and it`s ideology are the true enemies of America, and this ideology finds its true home in the democrat party.  The wealthy people in our country, the big corporations, and the conservative movement are not the enemy of freedom and liberty; Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and all other students of the progressive ideology are the true enemy`s of our country.


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