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Liberalism is a mental disorder


With the current TSA nightmare that leads almost every headline today; we must once again look at profiling Muslims. Profiling hmmm…….what should we do? Well as some of you can see I don`t think political correctness is useful or smart; in fact I think it is for losers who can`t stand the truth! I would like to look at this with logic, and that is not something the heart is capable of. The mind, the brain, our thinker is where logic comes from; the heart is where we feel things. When I think about my friends or family I use my heart to determine some of my decisions .When I go to Best Buy to purchase a new printer I use my brain (logic) to decide if it is a good deal or if I can afford it.

Profiling Muslims is something that should be considered with the use of logic not feelings or the heart. Number one, why would we profile Muslims? The main reason I  conclude is that they are behind every major attach and murder of innocent life around the globe to of course include 911.The second reason that comes to mind ( again using logic not feelings) is that I cannot think of any moderate Muslim organizations that have come out in anger against the so called extremists of their religion.( ) This is because it is a sin for a Muslim to speak out against another Muslim . If we had a huge number of so called moderate Muslims speaking out against the so called extremists in their religion it would be very helpful to the cause. We do not see this and we won`t see this any time soon.

The best kind of love is tough love ,ok Mr. moderate Muslim if you don`t want to be profiled with the terrorists than how about speaking out about it and helping the world get rid of these rats of society. I personally don`t give a damn what you people think about profiling because you give me absolutely no reason to believe that you don`t support terrorism. Until you do give me a reason to believe this we will profile everyone who looks Middle Eastern period.

The argument that most drones (robot`s for the left) make is that the Christian religion has killed just as many innocent lives in the name of Jesus. This is only mildly true; there have been people killed in the name of Christ it is true, but let’s use some rare logic once again. The first logical difference is that you can read any Gospel of Christ and you will find NO reference form Jesus advocating war or violence period. This leads to the logical conclusion that these so called Christians acted on their own twisted theology not Christ`s. The second logical difference is that Christians WILL stand up and speak out against those who twist their theology for evil gain.

Now let`s look at an apples to apples comparison of the Muslim religion. First we already know the undisputable fact that for the last 10 years no Muslim groups have spoken out against terrorism. It is like an 8 year old that when you see them doing something wrong they always blame someone else for their sins. The Muslims always blame the existence of Israel as the all time reason for every ill in their lives, how convenient. The second issue is the fact that the prophet Mohammed did in fact promote violence and killing to expand the religion .This is proliferated today by every cleric and head muckity muck in the Muslim religion.

Logical conclusion: profile them until we catch all terrorists and save our country men and others from unprovoked attacks by these cowards. And if they kick and scream about racism and unfair treatment …….so what, ignore them and others that take this heartfelt illogical stance.


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