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conservative utopia

Liberalism is a mental disorder

I am an aspiring writer who loves to put emotion and passion to paper. Politics is not a subject I would prefer to write about, but it is the one thing that can affect our lives and  steal our liberty.  My intention here is not to offend but to provoke thought. I have a very direct, or in-your-face writing style when it comes to politics. I also hope to write in a style which those who do not follow politics may better understand the context of the  issues at hand. In many cases people who don`t follow politics or read about the subject, find the information to be mind numbing. I hope to present truth and interesting facts about politics, history, and liberty;  in a way that is, informative, interesting, frank, and humorous. I invite you the reader to share your thoughts and comments. I will approve any comment as long as it is not derogatory or x-rated.  I welcome progressives to make their case here and I would love to debate your beliefs. Please subscribe to the E-mail updates so you can get new posts directly.  I have also included a category called “The lighter side” which is where I will post non-political writings that touch on the more enjoyable issues of life. Thank you for your following and interest.



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