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The Arizona shootings have put everything in the limelight except the recovery of Congresswomen Gifford’s and the investigation of the gunman Jared Lee Loughner. We all know the story, it has been run into the ground this week; the same old back and forth between left and right about the politicizing of a murder; the nutcase sheriff running back and forth between networks telling us all to stop the vitriol while he himself is doing the same; Sarah Palin being implicated in the story because of a coincidental campaign add; and the media actually spending time discussing these non- newsworthy stories.

What of the victims in this tragedy? How is Congresswomen Gifford`s? How is the investigation doing? How are the families of the deceased victims doing? These are just a few of the questions that should be at the top of the news instead of the third page. That is what is currently going on; the fairness doctrine and Sarah Palin are the front page and Gifford`s and the shooter are in the background. This is what the November elections were all about; Americans are simply fed up with all of it.

The blatant hypocrisy and jaw dropping lies that Americans are seeing from the left this last two years has been totally exposed. The left no longer has control of the minds of the majority of voters; that is to say that the voters have become engaged and educated; they no longer believe the media`s template of the right; and they are ready to act in defense of their principles. The only groups still defending the indefensible are the drones, the unions, and the same tired old leftists groups. The Democrats have lost their audience, they simply are not believable.

The Republicans are in trouble as well at least in the senate, they are running behind the American people screaming; “hey, I am your leader!” while the people keep walking forward. The people are doing the work not the Republicans! Just look at the Tea Party and what it was able to do in a very short time span. The Tea Party really is an amazing story of how the people can come together and got things done. The Democrats hate the Tea Party because they do not need the Democrat Party; the Republicans tolerate the Tea Party because they have no base without them.

It was so gratifying to watch both of the major parties react to the Tea Party during the weeks leading up to the November elections; what a bunch of detestable jerks the leaders in both parties were. God bless the thinking Americans and their resolve to take back our Republic.

Finally, I want to say how sorry I am to see such a beautiful and talented lady such as Gabrielle Gifford`s be the victim of such a tragedy. God be with the families whose loved ones did not survive this rampage. God help each family member of each of those lost to endure this horrid nightmare. God help us all to ignore the left and the right and their political ambulance chasing and focus on those who are in need at this time.

Scott Biddulph





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Wisdom is sometimes allusive, I find myself learning some of life’s greatest lessons when I least expect it or in some cases when I don`t even know it.  Sometimes when we are not looking for it or thinking about it, wisdom presents itself to us. It is sometimes laid at our feet in disguise, looking like a stone when in fact it is a pearl of great price.

There is a store I stop at quite often. The store is an old country store that is family owned and has been for decades. This old store sets nestled back in a little curve on a beautiful mountain country road. The front of the store has the old “Mountain Dew” drink signs, old tools, horse saddles, and all that you would expect to see at such a store. There is an old church pew in the front that the locals use to chew the fat in the early mornings and late evenings. The old bench has names carved in it, bubble gum stuck to it, and the burn marks of cigarettes and cigars.

Most of the time when I come to the store I can expect to  see “Buck” an elderly black man who lives about two mile up the mountain. Buck is a sweet old man and I love to listen to his stories when I have time. I sometimes just sit and listen to the stories of the past and his views on life. Since I was a boy I have always loved elderly people and I love to hear their stories. Little did I know that buck was about to lie a pearl of wisdom at my feet that I am thankful I understood.

Buck began to tell me a story that morning about his daily walks to the store and the beauty of God’s creation along the way. He said that God had given him the gift of discernment as a young man and that he trusted the gut feelings it gave him in his life.  He went on to say that these gut feeling were almost always right and had saved his life on some occasions and on other occasions had at least saved him heartache. He said at the beginning of the week he had a feeling there was a bag of money on the side of the road that he would find. He said “ I don`t know if I needs it or wat I wud do with it if I found it, I just felt like the lord was tellin me ta look fur it”.

He said he walked the two miles every day looking at the ground on the side of the road. He said he only looked up so watch a passing car or to see how close he was to the store. Every day the same routine looking searching but not finding this bag that was supposed to be there. Finally buck said it hit him that sometimes his discernment was not right and maybe he had just made a mistake. He then told me something that has stuck in my head to this day. Buck said “ I finally realized I spent my days lookin fur the money and had missed all a Gods beautiful sites, I spent all my time searchin fur somethin that wasn`t there and missed what was right in front of me”.

I thought about what buck had said for days, I realized the message for me was clear. When I take my focus off God and become obsessed with something, and loose my focus; I will miss the beauty of Gods gifts that are all around me daily.

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Journalism is no longer the age old watchdog it once was; it is now a propaganda arm for the progressive agenda. The journalists of the past were Americans first, and they took pride in uncovering stories about the ruling class abusing the taxpayer.  During WWII journalists were once again Americans first and journalists second; they didn`t feel the need to report stories of how one should understand Hitler and his plight.  The journalists of the past dug up the facts of a story and reported it to the public with the intention of letting people hear the story and decide for themselves; this is not the case in America today.

The journalism schools of today are pumping out liberal minded journalists like Henry Ford pumped out automobiles in the last century.  The media of today finds the story and tells it from a prospective that leads people to a conclusion.  They view a story through the eyes of political correctness and, progressive ideals instead of reporting the facts. The media of today, when interviewing a politician, will throw the occasional hard ball to a democrat; but holds a template of racism, sexism, bigotry, and greed toward the republican.  The media of today will ask relevant, educated questions of the democrat giving them the opportunity to explain his/her ideas; while turning to republican and asking a loaded question about greedy corporations or homosexuality.  Give us a damn break you fool`s!  There is more important issues going on in the world today other than two men/ women having sex, or if Rand Paul was a Buddhist in college.

The republicans, on the other hand, are so spineless that they fall for these loaded questions and stumble all over themselves trying to answer them; which lend credibility to the question in the end. Some of the Tea Party conservatives are not falling for the template that the left pulls their questions from; I have linked a video of Carly Fiorina being questioned in such a way by some drone reporter at a local Tea Party event: ( // ). I was proud to see her “smack down” this jerk by asking him if he happened to notice the thousands of voters around him who had real concerns about America; they don`t care if HP sold printer ink in India!!

Conservatives have got to take back the language in the debate; they have got to be willing to laugh in the face of progressives who call them racists, bigots, and homophobes; instead of having a “deer in the headlights” look on their faces.  Conservatism is the majority philosophy according to every poll out there. The left, the progressives, they are the minority in the arena of ideas!  It is a so refreshing to see a politician comeback and knock a question from some drone reporter out of the park.  It is wonderful to see a conservative who has no fear of the politically correct media and who will call it like it is.  The American Electorate is starving for politicians who will answer a question straight out even if the answers are politically incorrect.  The people want politicians who tell it like it is, straight from the hip, and are unafraid of what the polls say.

The religious right in the Republican Party (and I am a Christian) has done damage to our party on the issue of gay marriage and abortion.  I am not for abortion, but I think god can be the judge of that issue. My bible tells me to leave judgment to him and I will not be judged.  I can go along with making certain aspects of abortion illegal for moral and human rights issues; but some abortions are not the governments concern.  The Republican Party has taken a hard stance on gay marriage which has alienated many conservatives who are gay. I don`t give a damn who you sleep with personally, or who you life partner is; I just want to live and let live in a free society.  I do blame the gays, however, for feeling the need to put their sex life out there for all to see. I think we should leave our sex lives in the bedroom at home, if I have a fetish of some type I am not going to make it a political issue. I want to say to my gay brothers and sisters, I hope you will ignore the religious right and help us turn the Republican Party around on these issues.

The media will spend the next year running stories which are designed to depress and suppress the conservative vote. Use logic and critical thinking instead of emotion when thinking through these issues. The progressive always pulls on the emotional heart strings with their propaganda; logic is the enemy of the left.


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