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Liberalism is a mental disorder

I wanted to say Happy New Year to all of the loyal followers of this blog. I was really sick over the Christmas Holiday with a bout of the flu. I am finally getting close to being human again and I wanted to write a quick post.

Some of the news that took place over the holiday perked my interest but none of it really gave me the yearning to grab the laptop and write. I was really flabbergasted by the big deal the gays made about “Don`t ask don`t tell”. In reality who gives a damn if you’re gay? I don`t. I look at all the other issues our society faces and I think to myself “you people put your sex life in such high regard that you miss the real problems”. Statistically many in the gay community are financially well off and yet they vote for democrats. The reason is that the religious right in the Republican Party won`t mind their own damn business and leave these people alone. On the other hand, the gays demand acceptance of their lifestyle.

Ok, let me back up and explain; I am one of the few conservatives who can agree with portions of the gay agenda. I happen to hate the way the religious right wants to use the police power of government to project their morality on others.  I am not in favor of the gay marriage agenda but I do think under the constitution of the United States gay`s have a right to a domestic partnership. I personally think this is a good compromise on both sides. The gay`s should understand that marriage is sacred to many Americans and should remain a ceremony for men and women. On the other side of the coin gay men and women have every right to a legal domestic partnership under the constitution.

The gays need those protections which allow them to hold joint property and assets just like any married couple enjoys. They need to be able to have each other on insurance policies and other such important policies and or documents which protect their private property and wealth. As a Christian man I do not believe that being gay is right or normal; however, I will not judge my fellow man or deny them their rights under the constitution.

I thought that the Clinton era “don`t ask don`t tell” policy was a good one. It basically let gays serve without throwing it in everyone’s face. I have a lot of words coming into my head here so let me back up again. I don`t have a problem with gay people at all, I have many great friends who are gay and I love them dearly. I know that my lord Jesus Christ has told me I have no authority to judge, he alone has that authority. I am commanded to love my neighbor as myself. I think gay`s should have every right under the constitution as any other citizen has. My problem comes when they demand that we not judge them yet they want their damn sex life to be on the front page. If a man wants to sleep with another man….I don`t care, just keep it in the privacy of your bedroom. The same with lesbians, I don`t care about your damn sex life. If I liked gerbil`s up my ass I wouldn`t march on Washington to make everyone else agree that I am sane or that its normal.

I agree that gay`s should be left alone and not judged by others; however, they need to allow others to have their opinions without being called bigot. To the religious right in the Republican Party; we need you guys to shut the hell up and clean the board from your own eye before removing the speck from others. A final note; you gay`s statistically have a lot of private wealth. You praise this asshole obama for signing away “don`t ask don`t tell” and yet he makes plans everyday to seize your private wealth. How about you all put your damn sex life in perspective and not make it so all important? You better pay attention to what obama is doing to other more important liberties. To re-cap; I support domestic partnerships, I support gay rights as long as they are not special rights, I wish the religious right would mind their own damn business; and finally I wish they gays would stop supporting a socialist party because their sex life’s are so important to them.


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The Bush era tax cuts have become the latest out of touch debacle of our self-serving detestable government. These politicians really do live on another planet, and I don`t say that in a clichéd manner, I really mean another planet. Washington, the once proud capital of the most magnificent society every built by man, is now a den of thieves, socialists, liars, and leeches. The Media runs around behind them ready to devour every scrap or crumb they leave behind like demonic hyena`s; all the while prepared to announce from a mountaintop whatever statement is made as if it were total fact. Today`s Media is a lapdog waiting to be petted by its master, the ruling class.

The ruling class never hears what the private citizen shouts or cares what pain he or she suffers. They climb into their black SUV or the latest chartered jet paid for by tax payer`s money and live the high life on the public treasury. They wake up every day looking for some other self important cause to pass a new law in the dead of night; and then go home and smile at themselves in the mirror at how good a servant of the public they truly are.  Each day some new constituency, corporation, foreign official, special interest group, or media lap dog must bow at the altar of the mighty politician, the ruling class, and the anointed ones.

When the hell are we going to have enough of this? Who the hell are these people that they somehow where born to control the lives of millions? There are 535 of these jackasses in congress and some skinny black kid from Chicago making decisions which are making 300 million people’s lives miserable. Under the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution we don`t have to abide by or listen to a damn thing these fools say or do. They are all liars, all detestable snakes, stealing the private wealth of Americans for their own personal agendas in which most Americans don`t give a damn about as they stand in front of some microphone and announce to the world that we do. They give our hard earned public treasury to our enemies and don`t give a damn if we like it or not; as the world`s leaders turn their heads and laugh at what gullible fools we have become.

The papers, talking heads, and news shows, all talk about the compromise the congress has come to on the Bush tax cut extensions. The President with a straight face does a total 360 and tells Americans we must have these “Tax Cuts” because they are good for the economy. At this point I should like to address the President:

The first thing Barrack is that you know damn well you don`t believe a word of what just came out of your mouth. You grew up a socialist, went to school with socialists, and were groomed by socialists your whole detestable life. You know that these are not tax cuts, they are tax cut extensions, which means the tax rates will be the same as they have been during the last 10 years.

You have decided to endorse these extensions because they will not grow the economy and you know they won`t. You know that businesses need more definite foundations to build on then a two year promise from you, a liar that their taxes will remain the same. You know you plan to come back to the microphone sometime in the future and tell the American people “I tried the tax cut thing, I tried to work across the aisle with republicans, and tax cuts did not help our economy”. You just can`t allow taxes to go up in January because Americans will know that it is YOUR fault, and Pelosi`s fault, and Reid`s fault, and every other blood sucking leech in congress who supports a progressive tax. You and your low life minions are the most crooked snake pit of vile leeches on the ass of society America has ever seen in her history.

I digress, and I would like to now address the Republicans if I may:

You spineless two faced jackasses, you self righteous self important, unappreciative fools; the election was not about you and we really don`t like you either; it`s just that your lies are a little bit more tolerable than the left. You are all forgetting the message of the people just a few weeks ago; stop spending our damn money like fools. I feel for the unemployed but they don`t deserve a check for not working until the end of time. You need to let the chips fall where they may, you need to stop helping the enemy (Democrats in case you forgot) by voting for their agenda. When unemployment runs out the people will be headed to Washington with pitch forks demanding a policy change on the economy.

This regime, and it is a regime, in the White house has done nothing but frighten the rich people who make our economy grow. They have announced one government attack after another, one regulation after another, they have spewed the class warfare rhetoric daily from the  White House to congress; wealthy people have ran to the hills and hid. You hate the Tea Party candidates who beat your asses in the primaries and were elected by the people; you instead put into positions of power the same old tired Republican fools who helped the democrats create this debacle. You fools had better get some balls and soon or we the people will throw you out on your asses in the next election.

This tax extension bill is an agenda of the left to save their sorry asses, wake up people, let the damn things expire and deal with it on our terms in February 2011.


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I was in a conversation with a friend who posts here at Conservative Utopia quit often. He and I don`t always agree but I enjoy our posts back and forth as we hash out the issues of the day. In our last conversation we were arguing about “jobs being shipped overseas” and who or what was responsible for that fact.  The progressives are always making the moronic statement that the Republicans shipped jobs overseas. This statement is illogical, the Republicans don`t have the power to tell some CEO “hey buddy, move your company overseas we don`t want you here”. What benefit would any American have with doing that, Republican or Democrat? The companies which have moved have done so because: A) labor unions are too expensive in the US, and B) The corporate tax rate in the US is among the highest in the world (35%) second only to India (30-40%)

If you were a corporate CEO and you had to answer to stockholders and keep your profits at an acceptable level to entice investors to stay; you would move over seas as well. The government is the problem people not the solution, how is it that Americans continue to trust anything the government says? Progressives in both the Democrat and Republican parties have fought tax cuts to corporations for years. As soon as the conservative start talking about cutting corporate tax rates the progressives start using the age old Marxist class warfare rhetoric “ tax cuts for the rich”. If we Americans were smart enough to look at our free market economy like a business instead of a social welfare system we would see that we want to be the most competitive country in the world. If we cut corporate tax rates not only would these companies come home but foreign companies would come as well.

The progressives have been masterful since the 1960`s cultural revolution at brainwashing the American public with “class warfare” rhetoric. They have taught Americans to hate the rich as if they were some sort of enemy of the state. They have convinced a large portion of the population that America is economically unjust; while never seeing the true injustice of tyrannical governments across the globe and throughout history. If you look at the world in terms of being a neighborhood, America is the rich kid on the block; everyone is jealous and covets our accomplishments. These same citizens who envy America don`t have the intestinal fortitude to change their own forms of government. It is reminiscent of the old story of the crab bucket. When a fisherman is catching crabs he usually puts them in a five gallon bucket. There is no need to put a lid on the bucket because if one crab tries to escape, the other crabs pull him back down. Jealousy, greed, covetousness, and fear are the tools of the progressive ideology.


The progressives are masterful liars and they do so because they believe that their mission, their intellect, and their morality is so far superior to the great unwashed; that the ends justifies the means. That is to say that they will justify their lies because they think their policies are the answer to all problems period. Progressives can never seem to hold a majority in this country to get their agenda passed; this is why they work so hard to get their judges in place in appeals courts and on the Supreme Court. In this way they can legislate from the bench rather in the state and federal legislatures. I can hear the drones out their saying that the GOP or conservatives believe the same thing, that their ideology is superior. To that I would answer; history proves that the experiment called America works; it also proves the experiment called Marxism does not. This is an undeniable fact; Marxism has been responsible for millions of deaths of innocent civilians in the name of so called social justice and economic equality.

The once great Democrat party made its mark in the industrial revolution by standing up for the working class against crony capitalists and progressive Republicans who used their power for greed. There was at that time a need to organize and help defeat corrupt and powerful businessmen and politicians. The country pulled together in the 40`s and 50`s and the free market capitalist system flourished to produce a magnificent society of free and independent citizens. The only problem was not all citizens were allowed to participate. The colored peoples and women were held back by a racists and bigoted Supreme Court who was beholden to southern white democrats like Robert Byrd and Albert Gore.

In the 1960`s along came the civil rights movement which was sorely needed in this great nation and Dr. King and others where hero`s of our country. The Democrat party was absolutely in the tank with racists to hold back the civil rights movement of that day. During the 1960`s and 70`s the progressive movement which had lost its appeal during WWII was again in search of a home. It found its home in the Democrat party and they haven`t looked back since. The progressive movement is the new name for the same old tyranny of European socialism which has held that part of the world back for centuries. The ruling class mentality of European countries goes back to the very foundations of human history. One nation was founded to finally give men the freedoms to totally self govern. America was an experiment in men`s ability to live under equality of opportunity; all men would be equal under the law with the freedom to become who they so choose to be. No more would the Kings, Queens, and tyrants of the European ruling class make decisions with men`s lives; the law would be king and all would bow to its rule.

The same mentality of the ruling class of Europe can be found in the modern day progressive movement. The Democrat party no longer has the right to claim any so called “conservative Democrats” and the proof is in their own voting records. The Republicans have seen the growth of a new conservative movement in the “Tea Party” and the progressives in the Republican Party hate them.  The only hope for America is for the conservative movement to defeat all progressives in the Republican and Democrat party. Conservatives need to fight the media and their constant propaganda promoting class warfare which turns one citizen against another. The American people need to understand that government and progressive politicians create the very problems they then tell us they will fix. We the people can self govern and we do not need Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Bush, or any other progressive elitists from the ruling class to run our lives. They work for us damn it! They are supposed to be servants to our nation not tyrants who throw us crumbs while they spend like drunken sailors.  Wake up citizens!


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I hope all of you had as wonderful a thanksgiving as we did in our family. I haven`t posted in several days as I have other writing responsibilities that I must attend to first at times.  I was on my evening walk and I was thinking, as I often do when I walk, about Sovereignty and how it applies at many different levels to the aspect of freedom and a free society. One of my goals in writing about politics has always been to explain political ideals and conservative principles in a more plain fashion. As I watch the talking heads on the news I sometimes say to myself; “no wonder most people hate politics”.

I was chatting with my son and oldest daughter the other day that are now old enough to vote, about how important that right was. They both said “dad we hate politics”. This is the point that I think most conservatives fail to see, that we need to speak in plain straight language to reach the masses. Most people when polled realize that they line up more closely with a conservative than a progressive; they just don`t know it until someone speaks English to them instead of Washington BS.

As I was saying earlier, I want to talk about Sovereignty on an individual level. We all hear politicians speak about national Sovereignty and how important that is; but what about the subject of individual Sovereignty? And what does that mean? The founders believed that one of the aspects of European tyranny was the fact that all rights were granted by a King, Queen, or some other Government official. The Declaration of Independence clearly states that rights are God given at birth to all men, and are inalienable; that is to say that no human, be they pauper or king, can take them away. In other words, you as an individual are Sovereign and own yourself and have rights granted at birth by Almighty God; whatever version of God you may believe in.

The progressive and the Marxists do not believe in individual Sovereignty, they may claim they do when it comes to social issues; but they do not believe in Sovereignty on an economic level. I was in a conversation on a left wing blog the other day and the guy said to me “you have a duty to pay taxes for roads and other social issues”. If that were all the progressives wanted then I would happily agree to some fixed percentage and move on. The problem is that progressives can never name a figure and I have even heard national radio personalities like Hannity or Mark Levin ask this question. I have heard Hannity ask liberals “how much is enough? Name a figure for me”.

Progressives call keeping what you earn “greedy”, I am one who thinks taking something from someone you didn`t earn is an absolute form of greed. To sit back and buy into the “class warfare” garbage that the progressives in the democrat and republican parties spew out creates hatred toward fellow citizens. These people then vote for politicians who will use the police power of the federal government to steal their fellow citizen’s wealth. The rich are the minority in this country and so they don`t have enough votes to fight the majority of Americans who live in the covetousness of a “class warfare” mentality. This in return usurps the very individual rights or Sovereignty of another citizen.

We all have a finite amount of time on this earth when we are born; some have more than others, none of us knows the amount of time we have. Every day people get up and trade time for money, they go to work each day either at a job or a business that they own. Some individuals have paid the cost of years in Trade schools or college and have thousands invested in student loans to pay back. Others may have invented some new product or service that filled a need for millions of people and therefore they made millions in return. No matter how one earns a living, they trade the precious commodity of finite time that they have on this earth to do so. I say all this to point out the importance of private property and wealth, if you trade time for money, that money is your private property and damn well should be. There are those in every society who have physical and mental illness and cannot fend for themselves and we as a society should provide a safety net for them. I have never been opposed to social welfare programs; however, the left wants to sign everybody and their brother up and cares nothing about their citizenship status to boot.

But what should we do about those in society who choose to be mentally ill or sick? What about those who make very poor decisions and shoot a bird to all who try holding them accountable for their actions?  Just as there are many who choose to work hard, finish school, pay their own way thru college; there are those who choose to quit school, do drugs, drink alcohol in excess, and become pregnant at a young age. Finally, there are those who just simply have an entitlement mentality and don`t give a damn about personal responsibility. These leeches on the ass of society are loved by the democrats because that’s who they vote for. The democrats know this and don`t care, all they want is power.

We the people of this nation who love freedom and liberty; should not revert this magnificent society called America back to the horrible European socialism we left behind over 200 years ago.  We should remain Sovereign as a nation and we should respect our fellow citizens individual Sovereignty.

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North Korea is the big news story of today. How shall America react? Should we in fact be willing to attack the North Koreans in defense of the freedom loving South Koreans? These are the important questions all Americans must consider. The left has spent decades preaching to us conservatives about human rights. They tell us about the rights of women, children, animals, and terrorists. The left walks around with a sense of arrogance as the only ones who really care about these issues. The fact is that they only defend these issues in relation to political correctness. These issues tie into the Korean debacle as we will explore in this post.

During the last two major elections the conservative movement had several very strong women at its forefront. Sarah Palin has become a shining star in conservative politics and Michele Bachmann is another example of a strong conservative woman, along with many others. The left has shown no tolerance for such women who stray from the NAG fold. The media has called these women horrible names and degraded their intelligence at every turn. The one major fact here is that both women have more balls than most conservative men in the Republican party; but because they are not progressives they don`t rate the same protection as other women from the left.

The left screamed bloody murder when they found out we may have used water boarding to extract information form top al-Qaida leaders we captured on the battle field. No human being that loves justice or freedom wants to torture another human being; but when vicious murderers such as these may have information that can stop mass murder we must get the facts at all costs. The left is also inconsistent in its tolerance of environmental issues. The Chinese and Russians have deplorable environmental records and policies and yet they harass America as the environmental disaster of the world.

The final point in this comparison would be Iraq and Afghanistan. These two wars have been costly to our country both in terms of human lives and our treasury. Conservatives (and quite frankly the soldiers) have always known that the one shining light of freedom in the world, America, must be willing to defend freedom where ever it exists. Conservatives hate war and the cost of human lives just as much if not more than the left; but we also value freedom enough to pay the cost to keep it. Iraq and Afghanistan have been a necessary evil in the fight for human freedom in the world.  I will say at this point; however,   that I have seen enough bloodshed and loss of American lives for two countries that were handed a chance at democracy and have since lost their will to keep it.

How does this all tie in to North Korea? The North Korean regime has drawn a line in the sand by launching an attack on South Korea which was unprovoked. It matters not that the regime opposed military maneuvers between the US and South Korea; it was still an unjustified and unprovoked attack that killed innocent people. These barbaric madman on the world stage today; Kim Jung Ill, Ahmadinejad, Castro, Chávez, and others, must be handled without regard to the opinions of other nations. When they make threats or attack allies of the United States who allow their people to live free; we must be willing to shed our blood and treasury to defend true human rights. The hell with China, Russia, or any other country that doesn`t like it, they are all liars who speak out of both sides of their mouths. President Bush was a fool to think Vladimir Putin was ever anything other than a diehard communist.

I pray for Obama to at least once in his Presidency make a proper decision and be willing to back up our words with a sword. The same drones out there who defend these tyrants are fools to think they would not be killed by them in a heartbeat. The liberals are in more danger of being slaughtered by Islamic fascist than we conservatives are and they don`t even know it.  Islamic militants hate so called infidels who live immoral lives, they hate homosexuals, they hate women’s rights, and they hate freedom of choice. You damn fool`s on the left keep defending these detestable evil men as if they would give a damn about you.

North Korea is a human rights nightmare, North Korea treats is citizens as slaves to an all powerful central dictatorship which owns their very lives. The North Korean communist party seeks to devour and confiscate the wealth and resources of the south and execute all who oppose their rule. Yes we should as freedom loving people and supporters of true human rights; support an all out attack on North Korea if need be.



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I decided it was time to reveal some things about myself and how I came to believe in the conservative ideology and its principles. I grew up in a Democrat family; my grandmother was a staunch Democrat and worshiped JFK. I was born in Columbus Ohio which is well known to be a Democrat area. My family was quite dysfunctional and I had no father in the home. My mother was a drug addict and my father was absent from my life until I was 29. I met him once and have never seen or heard from him since.

I grew up extremely poor, my mother cleaned bars for a living and I remember we would steal Bar-nuts and other condiments for food.  My mother would on occasion apply for welfare and then when she found work she would get off the program.  It was at this time in my life I learned that social welfare programs are needed in America, we just don`t do a good job of qualifying people.  I grew up smoking pot and doing many other hard drugs; my mother was a 60`s hippie and I was allowed to do these things.  At the age of 14 I went with my mother to my first AA meeting in Elyria, Ohio which later on would save my life.

In 1979 my family moved to Georgia because during the Carter administration there was such high unemployment in Cleveland. I continued to use drugs and drink until I found myself in jail and looking at a 5 year sentence in 1983. I had no education as I chose to quit school in 1982, I had no hope, and I had no confidence in who I was or where my life was going. I was very fortunate to be given a chance to join the United States Navy instead of going to prison when the court date arrived.

In 1984 a man named Ronald Reagan was elected president; I had never voted before and I had no real idea about the two political parties except that I knew my family was all democrats.  I never really paid attention to the fact the Reagan was a Republican; I just knew I liked him and I saw how America was changing and people seemed proud and full of hope once again.  I remember “Reaganomics” and other criticisms that Reagan received from the media. I still had no clue about politics but I began to see that as a young adult, the things Reagan said made sense.  I also saw regular raises on my military paycheck which made me happy as well.

When I got home from the Military in 1986 I met my wife and was married in 1989. I began to work in the private sector and I started my own business in 1993. I had taken the GED while in the service and I was an avid reader. It was at this time in my life I began to listen to Rush Limbaugh and other talk show hosts. As a small businessman I knew the economic policies of the Republicans and other conservatives worked; I had seen this for myself. Having come from despotism and poverty as a child, I was proud that I had stopped doing drugs and drinking, I was proud that I had a chance to make my own way in America. I saw others who I had grown up with continue to live the lifestyle of a drug addict and alcoholic and wonder why they had no real success in their lives. Many of them became jealous and resentful and are no longer my friends.

I have made money and lost money, I have been through to divorces and several tragic deaths of people who I loved dearly. I lost almost everything in 2008 and 2009 due to the poor economy and my business being tied to housing.  I never once wanted anything from the government or Obama; except to leave my freedom alone. I learned the hard way in life that I could not count on anyone but myself to make my way in life. I learned that I couldn`t always control what happened to me but I could control my attitude toward the situation at hand.  In 2008 I decided at 42 years old to go to college, I had always dreamed of being a writer. I love to put idea`s and thoughts to paper, and I love the thought of those idea`s or stories helping others.  I was broke and I had lost everything, I no longer had the big $100,000+ a year income and the houses and cars; but I was happier than I had been in years.

It is my life`s goal to share with others why I believe in people and not government. I know that no matter how far down the scale in life you have gone freedom can allow you to change and pursue a different course. I have seen broke and uneducated people decide to follow a dream in America and become wealthy and successful. The free market capitalistic economy we have enjoyed since our founding is not perfect; however, it is the most perfect system in comparison to all others known to man.  In human history socialism, communism, fascism, or any other nasty ism has not shown the success that American capitalism has. Our children are being re-educated in today`s schools to see history from a different and false point of view. These children now see murdering thugs like Che Guevara as cult or revolutionary hero`s when in fact he was a cold blooded communist killer.  He confiscated the wealth of private citizens in Cuba and executed thousands in the name of so called economic equality.

I think back to those friends of mine who chose to continue on a negative fruitless path in life. I saw many of them die from health problems relating to poor choices they had made. I saw some of them spend years in prison, and I saw others remain in hopeless poverty.  They were prisoners of their own minds, they were never shown a better way and when they were given a chance they scoffed at it. So many Americans make choices that cause them to fail; they have horrible negative attitudes which repel any and all chance of success.  These same people, angry, resentful, uneducated, and misinformed stand in front of some politician who claims he will provide for all their needs if they vote for him. This politician tells them that the reason they are poor and destitute is because the rich man is greedy and must be taxed more. These poor Americans become the useful idiots of the left.

I despise the left and their lies. I despise the way their class warfare garbage has turned one citizen against another.  I detest the way they use the American public to advance failed policies and old world European socialism.  I am not a rich man, I am not a republican, I am a constitutional conservative who say`s “give me liberty or give me death”. I believe in freedom from a tyrannical all powerful centralized government.   Freedom is far more valuable than security and we have lost our love for freedom in America. To the drones: you will never understand these beliefs or principles; you will always choose security from big government rather than freedom.  The same police power of government that you set loose on the rich man with your votes, will turn on you and eat you someday.  God bless America!!

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