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North Korea is the big news story of today. How shall America react? Should we in fact be willing to attack the North Koreans in defense of the freedom loving South Koreans? These are the important questions all Americans must consider. The left has spent decades preaching to us conservatives about human rights. They tell us about the rights of women, children, animals, and terrorists. The left walks around with a sense of arrogance as the only ones who really care about these issues. The fact is that they only defend these issues in relation to political correctness. These issues tie into the Korean debacle as we will explore in this post.

During the last two major elections the conservative movement had several very strong women at its forefront. Sarah Palin has become a shining star in conservative politics and Michele Bachmann is another example of a strong conservative woman, along with many others. The left has shown no tolerance for such women who stray from the NAG fold. The media has called these women horrible names and degraded their intelligence at every turn. The one major fact here is that both women have more balls than most conservative men in the Republican party; but because they are not progressives they don`t rate the same protection as other women from the left.

The left screamed bloody murder when they found out we may have used water boarding to extract information form top al-Qaida leaders we captured on the battle field. No human being that loves justice or freedom wants to torture another human being; but when vicious murderers such as these may have information that can stop mass murder we must get the facts at all costs. The left is also inconsistent in its tolerance of environmental issues. The Chinese and Russians have deplorable environmental records and policies and yet they harass America as the environmental disaster of the world.

The final point in this comparison would be Iraq and Afghanistan. These two wars have been costly to our country both in terms of human lives and our treasury. Conservatives (and quite frankly the soldiers) have always known that the one shining light of freedom in the world, America, must be willing to defend freedom where ever it exists. Conservatives hate war and the cost of human lives just as much if not more than the left; but we also value freedom enough to pay the cost to keep it. Iraq and Afghanistan have been a necessary evil in the fight for human freedom in the world.  I will say at this point; however,   that I have seen enough bloodshed and loss of American lives for two countries that were handed a chance at democracy and have since lost their will to keep it.

How does this all tie in to North Korea? The North Korean regime has drawn a line in the sand by launching an attack on South Korea which was unprovoked. It matters not that the regime opposed military maneuvers between the US and South Korea; it was still an unjustified and unprovoked attack that killed innocent people. These barbaric madman on the world stage today; Kim Jung Ill, Ahmadinejad, Castro, Chávez, and others, must be handled without regard to the opinions of other nations. When they make threats or attack allies of the United States who allow their people to live free; we must be willing to shed our blood and treasury to defend true human rights. The hell with China, Russia, or any other country that doesn`t like it, they are all liars who speak out of both sides of their mouths. President Bush was a fool to think Vladimir Putin was ever anything other than a diehard communist.

I pray for Obama to at least once in his Presidency make a proper decision and be willing to back up our words with a sword. The same drones out there who defend these tyrants are fools to think they would not be killed by them in a heartbeat. The liberals are in more danger of being slaughtered by Islamic fascist than we conservatives are and they don`t even know it.  Islamic militants hate so called infidels who live immoral lives, they hate homosexuals, they hate women’s rights, and they hate freedom of choice. You damn fool`s on the left keep defending these detestable evil men as if they would give a damn about you.

North Korea is a human rights nightmare, North Korea treats is citizens as slaves to an all powerful central dictatorship which owns their very lives. The North Korean communist party seeks to devour and confiscate the wealth and resources of the south and execute all who oppose their rule. Yes we should as freedom loving people and supporters of true human rights; support an all out attack on North Korea if need be.



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