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Wisdom is sometimes allusive, I find myself learning some of life’s greatest lessons when I least expect it or in some cases when I don`t even know it.  Sometimes when we are not looking for it or thinking about it, wisdom presents itself to us. It is sometimes laid at our feet in disguise, looking like a stone when in fact it is a pearl of great price.

There is a store I stop at quite often. The store is an old country store that is family owned and has been for decades. This old store sets nestled back in a little curve on a beautiful mountain country road. The front of the store has the old “Mountain Dew” drink signs, old tools, horse saddles, and all that you would expect to see at such a store. There is an old church pew in the front that the locals use to chew the fat in the early mornings and late evenings. The old bench has names carved in it, bubble gum stuck to it, and the burn marks of cigarettes and cigars.

Most of the time when I come to the store I can expect to  see “Buck” an elderly black man who lives about two mile up the mountain. Buck is a sweet old man and I love to listen to his stories when I have time. I sometimes just sit and listen to the stories of the past and his views on life. Since I was a boy I have always loved elderly people and I love to hear their stories. Little did I know that buck was about to lie a pearl of wisdom at my feet that I am thankful I understood.

Buck began to tell me a story that morning about his daily walks to the store and the beauty of God’s creation along the way. He said that God had given him the gift of discernment as a young man and that he trusted the gut feelings it gave him in his life.  He went on to say that these gut feeling were almost always right and had saved his life on some occasions and on other occasions had at least saved him heartache. He said at the beginning of the week he had a feeling there was a bag of money on the side of the road that he would find. He said “ I don`t know if I needs it or wat I wud do with it if I found it, I just felt like the lord was tellin me ta look fur it”.

He said he walked the two miles every day looking at the ground on the side of the road. He said he only looked up so watch a passing car or to see how close he was to the store. Every day the same routine looking searching but not finding this bag that was supposed to be there. Finally buck said it hit him that sometimes his discernment was not right and maybe he had just made a mistake. He then told me something that has stuck in my head to this day. Buck said “ I finally realized I spent my days lookin fur the money and had missed all a Gods beautiful sites, I spent all my time searchin fur somethin that wasn`t there and missed what was right in front of me”.

I thought about what buck had said for days, I realized the message for me was clear. When I take my focus off God and become obsessed with something, and loose my focus; I will miss the beauty of Gods gifts that are all around me daily.


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