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Hello to my much appreciated subscribers:

I have enjoyed so much developing this blog and I so much appreciate those of you who have followed this blog.  WordPress is a great way to start up a blog; I would encourage anyone who wants to write to use WordPress as a starting platform. I have enjoyed some great success on Conservative Utopia which was an idea I started over a year ago. The blog gets between 300-500 hits a month.  I recently started to branch out and am writing for several online companies on different subject which I am passionate about. I am writing this post to my subscribers in particular to let you know that I am moving the blog to a different provider. The new address is: provides a lot more freedom and ability to personalize my blog. I will have the same content you have  enjoyed plus daily news and guest bloggers. I hope you will choose to transfer your subscription to the new blog and I will provide you a link here to do so.  Link:

I hope to see you on the new “Conservative Utopia 2” site and I thank you so much for your support of my blog and other writings!!  You can also follow my the new Conservative Utopia on FaceBook:

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I wanted to share with other readers of this blog a response I wrote to a very intelligent comment made by a reader named “jack”. He was commenting on the post entitled “Progressivism; the pied piper of tyranny“. As I wrote the response I realized that it opened up a few very important points about the harm the progressive movement has brought to America and other societies. We also discussed Ronald Reagan and his budget deficits Thanks,scott

To Jack:

Thank you for your very thoughtful and intelligent response to this post.  Let me restate my case which I did not do in the post; I agree with your assessment that the democrats are not the only ones to blame. I think that the biggest difference of opinion we may have is in whom to point the blame toward. I believe that it lands solely in the lap of progressive politics and legislation. There can be no reasonable doubt that the democrat party is wholly sold out to progressivism.

There is no longer such an animal as a conservative democrat. This whole idea of a “blue dog” democrat is horse hockey. The way these democrats voted on health care and the Obama agenda is something they wish they could escape from but they cannot. The media is trying to help them re-write recent history to save them politically. Now let`s talk about the republicans;  the  Republicans have a few progressives as well, John McCain is a progressive, George Bush was a progressive, Lindsey Graham is a progressive, etc.

These Republicans are detestable in my opinion and need to be thrown out of office by the electorate in their districts. I want to see conservatism in high offices around the country. Ronald Reagan was not a progressive; however, the democrats controlled congress most of his two terms. He compromised with them in terms of spending to get tax cuts and military spending approved, so yes we did accrue a large national dept.  The reason progressives HATE Reagan so bad is because he was such an effective opponent politically and they hope theses idiot republicans never follow his lead.

The same democrat party which held Reagan’s feet to the fire on social welfare compromises in order to give him his tax cuts and military spending, blames him for his big deficits later in history. Reagan knew that cutting taxes would increase federal revenues as history proves time and time again. He felt that the cold war would only end if he could out spend the Russians in terms of building our Military arsenal.  Reagan also knew that a non-competitive economy such as the communists have; could not keep up with our free market economy in terms of government spending.  It was a huge big picture mentality on Reagan`s part to use this strategy which did in fact work in the end.

We have allowed the progressive to re-write history about one of our greatest presidents in the 20th century. I will always see Reagan as a hero in terms of how he led this country against an evil and aggressive communist world. To sum this up my friend, I am basically stating that progressivism and it`s ideology are the true enemies of America, and this ideology finds its true home in the democrat party.  The wealthy people in our country, the big corporations, and the conservative movement are not the enemy of freedom and liberty; Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and all other students of the progressive ideology are the true enemy`s of our country.

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America is a unique and fantastic society, and the only one of its kind in the world.  This great nation was brought about with the intention of escaping the sting of European tyranny felt by the founders and the colonies. The founders wanted to create a self governing society which would allow ultimate freedom from the tyranny of the ruling class; a society in which men were ruled by the law of the land instead of the inconsistent whims of some ruler or king. The founders knew that freedom and liberty were a prized possession that all men dreamed of; yet they come with great personal responsibility and most people of today`s America seem unwilling to bear the load.

This society was built with the idea of local governments having the power to set agenda`s based on local populations and their traditions.  The founders knew that a local state, county, or township, knows its people best and therefore can best legislate for their citizens.  The all powerful central governments in Europe treated their citizens as numbers or statistics because they knew nothing of the people they ruled in general.  The founders knew that if the people could responsibly govern themselves that this was the best form of government.

Freedom has many risks as a byproduct of its lack of control.  The early citizens of this country knew that America was not perfect but compared to the tyranny of European societies, freedom was worth the risk.  The local and state governments began to see issues which needed to be addressed by government in those days such as schools, hospitals, and roads. There are problems which can be best handled by government at the local, state, and federal level; and the constitution is designed to allow those powers and also limit them from harming liberty. There are channels which can be followed that can change the constitution and they are very difficult to enact such as a constitutional convention; this was the intention of the founders to protect the new republic from wholesale democracy. Today we see activist judges changing the law of the land from the bench; a judge should never legislate from the bench as this usurps power from the legislature and the people who elect them.

The progressive movement in America began to have legs under the Woodrow Wilson administration, and has grown every since the turn of the 20th century.  Progressive ideals are not new; they are in fact the same old tyranny that we left behind in Europe two centuries ago. The ruling class mentality of; “we know better than you how you should live your life”, is alive and well in the democrat party as it has become the home of the progressive. In Europe the progressive mentality is the norm and the citizens of those societies never seem to have the intestinal fortitude to change their governments.  They simply criticize from afar and yet look to America to bail them out at every turn.  Immigrants from all over the world, who speak as though they hate America on one hand, scramble to come here on the other. When they come to America they works hard as they can to change America into the same third world hell they left behind; and the democrat party is a willing accomplice to this act in trade for a vote.

The point of all this is to say; you care more about you than government ever will. Those who vote for the politician who says” vote for me and you will have free this and guaranteed that” seem unable to see that the tyranny they unleash on the rich will someday turn on them.  When you chose to give power to the federal government to accomplish your own selfish political goals in the name of class equality; this same government will one day come to you to be fed when it runs out of rich people to steal from. The progressive holds on to the failed ideal that all men can be equal on an economic level; American`s know that all men are created equal with the freedom to be as rich or poor as they so choose. No society in human history has ever been able to maintain economic equality without police power and tyranny.

The American dream of freedom, liberty, individual responsibility, and private property, is at enormous risk.  The future citizens of our country, our children, are being taught to have no personal responsibility by our schools and political leaders.  The citizens of today are so busy making sure that they get theirs, whether by voting or working for it, that they care nothing of the danger signs we all see.  The politicians continue to turn one American against another with the same old Marxist class warfare tactics used by progressive around the globe.  They promise the useful idiot that it is ok to steal as long as the government does the stealing. The useful idiot then stands back with salivating lips awaiting his reward that comes in return for his vote.  Uneducated, fearful, dependant, useful idiots have been the tool of tyrants for the entire span of human history. Freedom and liberty have been achieved by the brave, self educated, fearless, independent patriots of all free nations. Freedom is never free and neither is tyranny; both come at a cost yet produce a different fruit.


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I was sitting here in panama City this am and watching the sun rise on the ocean, wow …….what a beautiful way to start the day. I then realized I needed to check the news and see what the progressives are up too. I must admit I have had writers block due in part to my mother’s death, but the other reason I believe is that I am just worn out. I know many of you feel the same way; a gigantic sigh of relief was heard around the conservative world as we awoke last Wednesday to change WE can believe in.  I woke up and looked out my window and watched as the seagulls chased the waves on the beach looking for food; it occurred to me how blessed we are to have freedom.

Freedom is so rare in the world today and the truth is that elitists never stop the march toward its demise.  American exceptionalism is not something we should see as an arrogant declaration of the American citizen; American exceptionalism is rooted in our form of government, that of self governance at it’s finest.  The rest of the world wakes up to some form of tyranny every day, and we as Americans can only thank the founding fathers and the patriots who have died for our freedom. As I sit and watch the sun come up this beautiful morning I realized that the progressive never sleeps in his wish for government power; and that I should look at the news and come back to reality once again.

I skimmed over Drudge and sure enough as one might expect my fears were confirmed; the liberals and progressives are on the march to spin their defeat.  Obama is already setting the tone and the template for the news media to propagandize. The defeat they suffered, which was no doubt historic, was only because they didn`t do a god job of explaining their legislative agenda.  Let me put his statement in simple terms; we are too damn stupid to see just how smart and awesome he and his minions are. We the people just can`t quite see how good things are and how important the change they (progressives) believe in is for us and our children.  Is anyone else as sick of these elitist bastards as I am? Who the hell do they think they are? Do any of you remember that we are self governing as a nation? It matters not who you are in Washington; you are just another citizen who happens to serve the people. These elites in the Obama administration and those in the congress seem to forget this fact of American self governance.

Obama and his progressive minions don`t see the historic defeat they suffered as an outright rejection of liberalism, they see it as a lack of communication on their part.  Listen up drones……..the defeat was nothing less than an absolute rejection of your big government tyrannical dreams period. We don`t need further explanations of your utopian ideals; we don`t want you putting us in a position of being subject to your social experimentation of health care and all the rest.  Elitists are all the same, whether it is Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, or Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. They never quite understand that humans have inalienable rights as declared by the founding fathers. It is always they who understand what’s best for all of us; we just aren’t capable of making the important decisions of life without their wisdom.  Hey Obummer shove your teleprompter up your ass!

Meanwhile back in Washington Pelosi announces that she plans to run for the minority seat in congress for them dems; wow…….are these people arrogant.  The polls clearly show that not only do conservatives despise this retched witch, but so do independents and libs.  The only people who support this idiot (Pelosi) are the fools who keep voting for her in San Francisco.  The rest of regular Americans wish she would take a long hike off a short cliff. I must take a moment to digress here; I am in support of her decision to run for minority leader, it can only help the conservative cause.  The drones will always reject truth prior to investigation as usual, and the Tea Party will continue to grow.  The Republicans will either get the conservative ball rolling in Congress or they will face a third party of patriots who want their damn government to listen to them. We the people will bring about change WE can believe in and the elites will continue to do what they have done since Marx introduced his garbage theories to the world; they will seek utopia at the expense of personal rights, liberty, and individual freedom.




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The democrats are already trying to spin this victory in a way which lets their ego remain in tacked.  I remember when they lost big in 1994 and the next day they started telling the media that we the people didn`t understand them, they were mischaracterized by talk radio and other news outlets. NEWSLFASH: you were not mischaracterized then, nor are you now, we the people know exactly who you are. The American electorate did not vote for republicans they voted against democrats.

The Republicans won the house as we all know by a historic margin, they won governorships, and state legislatures as well; yes, Dingy Hairy Reid survived, but the republicans picked up close to 10 seats as we now estimate. Harry Reid is a detestable liar and we all (those of us who use our brain to think) know he is, he is one of the most crooked politicians in modern history. That being said, for those of you in Nevada that voted for him, SCREW YOU!!

The democrats are not going to learn and Obama is an ideolog who will remain on his course, he will just do it in more stealth fashions.  I want you in the Tea Party to understand something, this is an historic victory for conservatism; however, we still have no real power to move forward some of the legislation we would like to pass. The democrats will use the media and the useful idiots on the left, to tell us how it is the republicans fault now that they are in power. They use to say it was Bushes fault but they will no longer need Bush, they will have a republican house to blame. The point is; the democrats never admit fault or change their ruthless pursuit of socialism. The republicans have stood in front of microphones after being defeated in the last few decades and did a mea-culpa about their mistakes; the democrats never do.  The democrats always begin to tell us how we just didn`t understand, or we were misinformed, or we were racist, homophobic bigots. It never seems to be their fault does it?

The democrats at the national level and locally seem to be in some neurotic state of total denial of the facts in front of them; meanwhile we all look at them and go: ……WHAT? Let me educate you drones out there; you and your party were rejected by the vast majority of Americans. This means that they think your ideology, your agenda, and your way of life is CRAP!  Is that clear enough for you drones or do we need to have flash cards and finger paints for you?

To you republicans out there: we are watching you as well, this is about saving the American dream as founded in 1776. This is not about the Republican Party, so if you screw this up we will throw your sorry asses out as well!! To all Americans, sorry drones this doesn’t include you, do not trust the media and do not fall for the propaganda of the progressives. The media will be telling you how to think and will be helping the democrats to re-write the election results, don`t fall for it.  If it takes power from us and gives it to government; it’s a bad idea, I don`t care how many old people, children, or dogs it will save.  We as Americans don`t need the damn government to take of us, we can take care of ourselves.

In closing; I have worked in the field of drug and alcohol abuse for over 20 years. In the community of addicts and alcoholics it is well known that while in active addiction most addicts cannot be honest with themselves. In the face of overwhelming evidence that they have a problem or that they are wrong, they continue onward toward destruction.  Family, friends, loved ones, all stand back and watch as the addict is “constitutionally incapable of being honest with themselves”.  They somehow have no ability for true self analysis; they seem lost in a world of neurotic, narcissistic, darkness.  This is the modern day progressive; they are like the addict who cannot come to terms with the truth.  In spite of decades of failures on the part of Marxism, socialism, communism, or any other nasty ism; they trudge onward toward the goal of their Utopia.  They cannot be compromised with; they must be destroyed politically period.



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