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I wanted to touch on the subject of class warfare because it really is at the heart of our countries problems. You cannot have a war without an antagonistic issue. In our country we as Americans have one important thing in common, love of freedom and liberty. In Europe with its socialist and left wing leanings; the old world ruling classes were always trying to reinvent government with themselves in power.  Europe is far older than America; we are the new kids on the block. The Europeans have had centuries to build magnificent societies with freedom and wealth, yet they have never truly succeeded in doing so.

Along comes America; started by a group of Europeans immigrants who were tired of the ruling class back home. These men had tasted the effects of centuries of oppression form the monarchs, military dictators, and other monolithic societies in Europe.  America was an experiment in freedom; with all men being free form the rule of other men.  The law would be the only king and all men would bow down its rule, even the president. Men could own private property and build any amount of wealth they chose. America was not going to be perfect as no government system on this earth can be perfect. America would, however, create more freedom and liberty than any of the great societies before her.

Class warfare is a resentment born in the slums and agricultural fields of Europe not America. It came from the unfair treatment of the peasant by the ruling class; the land lords and their cruelty toward the villagers and farmers of that time in Europe.  It is no wonder the peoples of that time hated the ruling class who were simply born into luck or wealth, and looked down their nose at those who were not. The ruling class lived off the backs of the poor through taxation and slave labor in the fields. One can only imagine the resentment that the people of that day had; the frustrations that they felt because they had no real way to lift themselves up past their place in society. 

It was in this environment that class warfare had a justifiable complaint.  For centuries the ruling class believed themselves to be put in place by god himself which gave light to the term “frozen classes” which means “permanent classes”.  This gave way to the philosophy of men like Edmund Burke and other philosophers of the day. Burke believed that rights were god given and all men should be free to live in an ordered society ruled only by the law and not a king.  The founding fathers studied Burke`s philosophies and used them in their writings about the new revolution and separation from the British.

In the 1840`s the world first heard the name Karl Marx. Marx was an isolated man who never believed in a revolution and for the most part wanted nothing to do with the people he championed for.  He hated the bourgeois or capitalist/ruling class of the day. Marx was against economic progress and described capitalists as “rats scurrying the globe to find new markets to sell goods”.  Marx was often described as an unemotional and uncompassionate man.  The communist movement was more far reaching than the socialists of the day. Marx was a communist at heart and did not agree with the utopian ideals of the socialist. He never gave a detailed definition of communism in his literary works but rather spoke of class struggle and the plight of the proletariat or lower class.

America was founded on the principles of Burke and other western thinkers of that day. These men also hated the ruling class and wanted a form of government which allowed men to rule themselves.  They wanted a society in which men could lift themselves to whatever social class they could achieve. Marx thought all capitalism was evil and that it used the working poor to lift the bourgeois or ruling class to the top.  The fact is that in a perfect world we would not have separate classes but in this imperfect world not all men choose to reach for higher goals.  Free people are always free to be rich or poor it is their choice. In the communist system you do not have that choice, you are slave to the state because no one man is allowed to be greater than another.  This sounds like a form of equality does it not? The communist claims that all are equal in the eyes of the state; and that all should work for the betterment of society as a whole and not the individual. This really sounds good; If we could all just give to one another and not worry about ourselves wouldn`t life be less stressful? Wouldn`t all men be taken care of?  No more competition, no more worry of private property or keeping up with the Jones`s.

The problem with this world view is that men are involved in its existence and organization.  Society`s must have some form of government in place to manage the populace. Someone has to lead and someone has to keep order in a society.  There has to be a central government in place to send out the food, keep the police and firemen paid, and build infrastructure. These are the necessary evils of government, unless you believe in anarchy. It is this very fact that brings about the demise of the socialist/communist theory.  Communism/socialism is in fact a theory because no society has ever made it work.  The people who run the government have all the power and all the money; once again you have a ruling class of politicians and party members. This communist ruling class is the most dark of all ruling classes; just look at Korea, Russia (under Lenin/Stalin), Cuba, Vietnam/Cambodia, and China.  Communism is responsible for millions of brutal deaths and the destruction of billions in private property in the name of equality.

Class warfare is a detestable and disgusting display of envy and covetousness.  The capitalist system is not perfect and never will be; however, it is more fair and forgiving than any other economic system in the world today.  The progressive politician spreads his class warfare rhetoric and the useful idiot is convinced that the rich are evil and don`t care for the poor. The progressive politicians tell the useful idiot “vote for me and I will tax the rich and spread the wealth and make things fair for everyone”.  The progressive politician tells the useful idiot that healthcare, jobs, retirement, and wages are a right. The progressive politician convinces the useful idiot that the rich man stands in the way of these rights because he is greedy.  The useful idiot then votes for this politician and allows him to steal from his neighbor through taxation and regulation for the supposed good of all. 

The useful idiot would rather have a politician steal wealth from his neighbor and give it to him; than to take responsibility for his own live and his own choices.  The useful idiot sees this as moral and just because the he used the police power of government to steal his neighbors’ private property; rather than breaking into the neighbors house himself.  Hitler rose to power with the help of useful idiots who were so enamored with his words and promises they ignored the warning signs of his true nature.  Hitler had a past which anyone could see was radical, but the German people ignored it and embraced the Nazi party.  History tells no lies, and class warfare has been used before to separate countrymen from one another.

What if we no longer listened to these fools in Washington who have stolen our wealth, caused division amongst our people, and promised for 60 years to fix all society’s ills only to make them worse. The drones will always want big daddy government to take care of them.  The rest of America must drop the mantle of class warfare and class envy and work together toward taking power away from Washington. We the people deserve to keep what we earn, own private property, and pass these things to our children when we die. This truly is a magnificent society, like no other society in human history.

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