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Hello to my much appreciated subscribers:

I have enjoyed so much developing this blog and I so much appreciate those of you who have followed this blog.  WordPress is a great way to start up a blog; I would encourage anyone who wants to write to use WordPress as a starting platform. I have enjoyed some great success on Conservative Utopia which was an idea I started over a year ago. The blog gets between 300-500 hits a month.  I recently started to branch out and am writing for several online companies on different subject which I am passionate about. I am writing this post to my subscribers in particular to let you know that I am moving the blog to a different provider. The new address is: provides a lot more freedom and ability to personalize my blog. I will have the same content you have  enjoyed plus daily news and guest bloggers. I hope you will choose to transfer your subscription to the new blog and I will provide you a link here to do so.  Link:

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The story all over the news today about Juan Williams is another example of the religion of progressivism and the God of State. The disciples of this religion use political correctness to enforce their religious views. Truth and logic have no place in the world of the progressive; only political correctness and multicultural elitism. Juan Williams was one of their own, he was a progressive; but one thing I will say about Williams is that he had the potential, at times, of being intellectually honest. His honesty was his downfall in this case. Juan Williams spoke the truth about Muslims and terrorism period. He committed a sin against the religion of progressivism and he must pay the price.

Muslims are some of the most dishonest people on Earth. I have worked closely with Muslims in a particular field for over 12 years and I have seen this first hand. They do not believe in the morality of honesty and the keeping of one’s word as we Americans do. I know the drones and the Muslims that read this are going to have an aneurism; but I must inform you that I don`t care, the truth is the truth. The reason for their dishonesty is found in their religious morality. The Muslim does not have to be honest to the infidel; it is not a moral imperative in their culture to do so. The infidel is considered to be inhuman trash to the Muslim if they cannot be converted. This explains, in a very logical way, their hatred for the Jew and the Christian. This is the ultimate reason that we will never settle the Middle Eastern peace talks; the Muslims are liars and will never keep an agreement with the Jews. It is an undisputable fact that after all the attacks against western societies, to include America, not one Muslim organization has been able to criticize the so-called “Extremists”. This leaves only one logical conclusion; they quietly support these actions.

The Christians have no problem coming out against a faction of their religion when they go astray. When internal terrorists who claim to be acting in the name of God or Christ commit acts of violence or insanity; the Christian churches have no problem dissociating themselves from the perpetrators. Muslims on the other hand start changing the subject to; oh let’s see, the Jews, the Gaza strip, racial profiling, and blah, blah, blah. I know you drones always want to bring up the Crusades; are the Muslims ever going to stop their modern-day crusade?

Until Muslims quit blowing up innocent civilians and living in complete denial about the violence and intolerance of their faith; I am not interested in debating their innocence or their plight. These people have been amputating hands and heads for thousands of years. Muslims have a deplorable human rights history, they are brutal toward women and children within their
societies and yet the progressives don`t want to offend them. Muslims live in poverty, in most cases, and it is a direct result of the religious theocracies they live under; not because the world is unfair. Personal liberty and private property rights have no place in their world view. The polls plainly show that more than 70% of Americans don`t give a damn what these people think about them or America`s policies. You drones out there will never bring about the support you seek for your illogical philosophies until you reign in the sheer hypocrisy that exudes from your beliefs and thought processes. Liberalism is in fact a mental disorder; and yes, I did steal that line from Michael Savage because it is a beautifully descriptive statement of truth.

I was never a big fan of Juan Williams and I am sure he will never see the fallacies in his thinking; but he has been a participant of political commentary on different network shows for years. He finally made the one big mistake; offending the damn Muslims. I do not support the de-funding of NPR that Bill O`reilly and others are calling for; because it is no different from the left and “the fairness doctrine” that they support. I simply point out the spectacle of drones roasting and eating one of their own who has sinned against the religion of progressivism and political correctness. The truth hurts sometimes; remember when mommy told you that as a child.


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