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I was thinking what it must be like to be a progressive; believe me it is hard to relate to these people and their horribly depressing world view.  I was wondering what it would be like to hate capitalism, to wake up every day looking for what’s wrong instead of what’s right with America.  Imagine thinking everyone that isn`t a democrat is a racist, homophobe, or bigot.  Imagine waking up every day thinking that all corporations are evil, greedy, and corrupt.  Wow……..I know it’s very hard to stomach, but that is a partial look into the world view of a liberal.

These people think everything is unfair, corrupt, and racist. They think somehow that in this imperfect world we owe them perfection in every area and if it’s not perfect; it must be because of greed, racism, homophobia, capitalism, and Christianity.  They somehow think that America is a detestable example of white supremacy and corporate greed with no ability to see the examples of failure within their own ideology.  The progressive sees all the mistakes of capitalism and the free markets without seeing any of the horrible failures of socialism, Marxism, communisms, or any other nasty ism. The progressive hates the limits placed on government by the founding documents; which is why they call it a “living breathing” document.  The progressive cannot understand basic economic principles or the simple way free markets works.  The progressive is a generally angry individual who hopes to use the police power of government to right the world’s wrongs; they are never quite able to grasp the concept of that same power turning back on them.  They never see that tyranny is no respecter of persons or race.

The progressive holds a simple and very naïve belief in the power government can wield upon citizens. They somehow trust their lives, freedoms, and liberty to the cult of personality or the ruling class.  They see much more danger in self governance and freedom then they do in an all powerful centralized government.  The progressive places enormous trust in the ruling class to be fair to its people; even if world history shows no example of this in any society.  Our founding fathers ran from the very tyranny these progressive fools believe in; they pay no attention to history as they arrogantly believe they can somehow do it different, they somehow have all the answers.  The progressive ignores the historical successes of America and chooses only to look at her failures and magnify them.  The progressive ignores the blatant historical realities of socialism, fascism, Marxism, and communism; and chooses to believe that it has not quit been implemented correctly in other societies. The American people are not interested in your social experiments at the tremendous cost of liberty and private wealth.

The historical realities of human suffering and death under these progressive philosophies are breathtaking and horrifying; yet the progressive philosophy marches on in our academic institutions. Young minds full of mush are brainwashed by old 60`s liberals who still believe in the cultural revolution. Countless millions of innocent and precious human lives have been terminated and destroyed without judicial review or legal recourse by madmen who believed that Karl Marx was right.  Millions more still live today under oppressive, tyrannical regimes that have no respect for human life or God given rights.  The progressive is a selfish, ignorant fool who would have everyone smothered under his/her social belief system without regard to its historical consequences; all in the name of so called fairness and equality.

This progressive philosophy can be boiled down to one simple selfish character flaw on the part of Karl Marks and his followers; it all boils down to covetousness and envy. The progressive hates all who have succeeded on their own. The progressive has no faith in the individual to make his/her own decisions and certainly has no stomach for the consequences of free choice. The progressive lives by emotion and detests logic. The human brain is a powerful and amazing creation which gives the human being the power to reason and discern fact. The progressive thinks in bumper sticker statements which have emotional significance; however, when put to the test of logic or critical thinking, are easily debunked.  The progressive cannot debate on factual issues and quickly spirals down into personal insults and worthless generalizations of racism, homophobia, and bigotry. The civil rights movement has been bastardized by race warlords such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton; these men have made the word “racist” completely ineffective and unimportant.  Dr King had a vision of men being judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin; Jackson, Sharpton and others have seen race as a way to enrich themselves at the expense of the civil rights movement.  The black people of America should be outraged at the way they have been used by these men.

The simple laws of nature show that this world is imperfect and sometimes unfair. The cheetah is faster than the antelope and pulls him down with brutal force to become the meal of the day.  The world is full of accidental deaths, murder, sickness, crime, and brutality from one human toward another.  No man has been able to fix all of life’s ills and no man can. Not one leader in human history has been able to create total human equality and no leader will ever reach this unattainable goal, because it does not exist.  The American capitalistic system is not perfect nor will it ever be perfect; however, it has proven to be the most perfect and fair system in an unfair and imperfect world.  Capitalism has allowed more freedom, liberty, private wealth, and innovation in the market place, than any other system known to man in history.  The progressive will never understand this or believe this.  The progressive will always look for some new leader to worship who promises a utopian society.  This society has only one requirement; the total surrender of liberty and individual rights.

Liberty has been defended by many throughout human history; bloodshed will always follow when the ballot box no longer works. The progressive somehow believes that those who love freedom, capitalism, liberty, and individual rights, will stand idly by as tyranny is forced down his throat. This is a foolish and naïve belief for the progressive to hold. Freedom loving people will always be willing to shed blood for their God given rights, and if the ballot box fails to be uncorrupted; bloodshed will soon follow my progressive friend, history never lies.



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The republican party is under the mistaken impression that the current political climate is about them: sorry guys it`s not about you. The current electorate and the Tea Party are voting against democrats, not for republicans, and there is a difference. The Republican Party is just as much at fault for the Obama/Pelosi disaster as the democrats are. I am not saying its George Bush`s fault like so many of the drones do, I am saying that the republicans abused the authority that we gave them. The republicans caused so much anger about spending; and they were so willing to cave to the democrats, that the conservatives walked away in 2008. The independents were saying: “anybody but the republicans”, and the progressives were in la`la` land over Obama

The republican leadership in the house has always been more willing to stand on conservative principles, but the senate is a joke. John Boehner (R-OH) has stood strong against the Obama regime and will make a good leader in the house;  Mitch Mc Connell on the other hand talks tuff but seems more than willing to reach across the political aisle. Let me help you republicans get a clue! We do not need to compromise any longer with the progressives; they never compromised with us did they! They never allowed republican alternative bills to come to the floor for a vote; all the while telling the media the republicans have no ideas to bring to the table. Does anyone else here remember when the republicans were in control and they actually gave democrats some seats on certain committees? They did so because the democrats cried to the media night
after night that Gore should have won. The spineless republicans caved as usual and let the democrats share committee seats……yuk!!

We conservatives must remember how brutal these progressives are when they hold power; we must not be willing to cave to their cries for fairness. The election could produce a huge majority for the republicans in the house and possibly the senate as well.  The republican leadership had better toe the conservative line or we will throw their asses out in 2012. This is about saving the greatest Republic the world has ever known, this is about saving America, this about freedom from the tyranny of government; it is not about the Republican Party.

We must remember that our founding fathers knew that a country ruled by men would always spiral down into tyranny. They knew that the rights of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (not the guarantee of happiness) were granted to men at birth by almighty God. They knew that if God granted rights no man could take them away; they were inalienable and no government could interfere. If government is the source of rights, then government can take them away.  If you look at any other nation and their socialistic or communistic governments, the people are granted rights from that government. The unrest in Europe is a direct result of failed socialism and rights granted by government.

The republicans need to understand that they have become the lesser evil. They need to understand that the people will be watching and we will vote them out if they do not follow constitutional principles. The democrat party no longer has a moderate wing. They ALL voted for Pelosi`s agenda period. They now are running home and lying to their constituents about their actions in Washington, they are running from Obama and Pelosi. How pathetic they really are! I say in closing “we are not  campaigning for republicans, we are campaigning against democrats”

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Journalism is no longer the age old watchdog it once was; it is now a propaganda arm for the progressive agenda. The journalists of the past were Americans first, and they took pride in uncovering stories about the ruling class abusing the taxpayer.  During WWII journalists were once again Americans first and journalists second; they didn`t feel the need to report stories of how one should understand Hitler and his plight.  The journalists of the past dug up the facts of a story and reported it to the public with the intention of letting people hear the story and decide for themselves; this is not the case in America today.

The journalism schools of today are pumping out liberal minded journalists like Henry Ford pumped out automobiles in the last century.  The media of today finds the story and tells it from a prospective that leads people to a conclusion.  They view a story through the eyes of political correctness and, progressive ideals instead
of reporting the facts. The media of today, when interviewing a politician, will throw the occasional hard ball to a democrat; but holds a template of racism, sexism, bigotry, and greed toward the republican.  The media of today will ask relevant, educated questions of the democrat giving them the opportunity to explain his/her ideas; while turning to republican and asking a loaded question about greedy corporations or homosexuality.  Give us a damn break you fool`s! There is more important issues going on in the world today other than two men/ women having sex, or if Rand Paul was a Buddhist in college.

The republicans, on the other hand, are so spineless that they fall for these loaded questions and stumble all over themselves trying to answer them; which lend credibility to the question in the end. Some of the Tea Party conservatives are not falling for the template that the left pulls their questions from; I have linked a video of Carly Fiorina being questioned in such a way by some drone reporter at a local
Tea Party event: ( // ). I was proud to see her “smack down” this jerk by asking him if he happened to notice the thousands of voters around him who had real concerns about America; they don`t care if HP sold printer ink in India!!

Conservatives have got to take back the language in the debate; they have got to be willing to laugh in the face of progressives who call them racists, bigots, and homophobes; instead of having a “deer in the headlights” look on their faces.  Conservatism is the majority philosophy according to every poll out there. The left, the progressives, they are the minority in the arena of ideas!  It is a so refreshing to see a politician comeback and knock a question from some drone reporter out of the park.  It is wonderful to see a conservative who has no fear of the politically correct
media and who will call it like it is. The American Electorate is starving for politicians who will answer a question straight out even if the answers are politically incorrect.  The people want politicians who tell it like it is, straight from the hip, and are unafraid of what the polls say.

The religious right in the Republican Party (and I am a Christian) has done damage to our party on the issue of gay marriage and abortion.  I am not for abortion, but I think god can be the judge of that issue. My bible tells me to leave judgment to him and I will not be judged.  I can go along with making certain aspects of abortion illegal for moral and human rights issues; but some abortions are not the governments concern.  The Republican Party has taken a hard stance on gay marriage which has alienated many conservatives who are gay. I don`t give a damn who you sleep with personally, or who you life partner is; I just want to live and let live in a free society.  I do blame the gays, however, for feeling the need to put their sex life out there for all to see. I think we should leave our sex lives in the bedroom at home, if I have a fetish of some type I am not going to make it a political issue. I want to say to my gay brothers and sisters, I hope you will ignore the religious right and help us turn the Republican Party around on these issues.

The media will spend the next week running stories which are designed to depress and suppress the conservative vote. Use logic and critical thinking instead of emotion when thinking through these issues. The progressive always pulls on the emotional heart strings with their propaganda; logic is the enemy of the left.


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The Obama/ Clinton trial balloon was floated over the internet and airways yesterday and the laim-stream media was salivating again. It is almost sickening to watch these media talking heads like Chris Mathews and George Stephanopoulos get goo -goo eyed when such news hits the airways. The republican and democrat parties continue to bring out old tired war horses and try to reinvent them for our liking. I am sick of the old guard in both parties; these are the people that created the problems we have now, Clinton, Bush, Reid, Pelosi, and on and on.

Can we just get some new blood in Washington for once? I am excited about the Tea Party movement for a couple of reasons; one, is that they are bringing new faces to the political scene; and two, they want smaller and cheaper government.   The very idea that the Obama drones would get excited over an Obama/ Clinton ticket, shows how they will do anything to keep power. The politicians in Washington don`t give a damn about us, they just want power.

People are in so much pain right now; I have addressed this in many of my recent posts because I hurt for my fellow Americans. I sit and watch so many people around me loosing homes, businesses, and jobs. I see nothing at all from the democrats to relieve the pain. I only see Obama, driven by his ideology, pushing forth his progressive agenda. When this man stands in front of a crowd of useful idiots and screams” change takes time, it aint easy”, he is not kidding. The drones think he means change for the good; he really means fundamental change, he really means socialism.

Obama doesn`t want Stalinist communism, I think he really believes that socialism has just not yet been done the right way. If you pay attention to progressives they are continuously showings us their belief that American progressives can finally get it right: American progressives have got the correct formula for a socialist society that works.

I want to speak to the drones for just a minute; I want to educate you drones out there if it`s possible. Take the time to look up Saul Alinksy; after you look him up see how the name Clinton and Obama tie in with him. In the 60`s Clinton and Obama studied and applied his teachings to their lives. Clinton and Obama were followers and Disciples, if you will, of this man Alinsky. If you study Alinksy you will see that he was a cold calculated progressive who saw no moral dilemma in winning at all costs.  Alinsky`s famous quote from his book “Rules for Radicals”, (Random House, 1971), was “the end justifies the means”; this is such a huge revelation into the mind of a progressive if you analyze that statement.

Clinton and Obama absolutely were, and are, connected to Saul Alinksy. Clinton and Obama absolutely did believe in his philosophies; and furthermore, they still believe in his philosophies if you look at their words and actions. Clinton and Obama absolutely believe in “the end justifies the means”.  I know some of you may not understand the quote “the end justifies the means”, and that is ok, let me give an example: To live by this statement, is to say that you will lie, cheat, and steal to win.

If you have eyes, look and see; if you have ears, listen.  All you have to do is listen to their words and then see if their actions match up. The legislative agenda which Obama has put forth is an agenda of progressive ideals.  Obama has done nothing at all to lift the private sector up out of the trenches. Obama has only one goal in his mind, and that is to make Government the sole entity in which Americans look to for all things.


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