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I wanted to share with other readers of this blog a response I wrote to a very intelligent comment made by a reader named “jack”. He was commenting on the post entitled “Progressivism; the pied piper of tyranny“. As I wrote the response I realized that it opened up a few very important points about the harm the progressive movement has brought to America and other societies. We also discussed Ronald Reagan and his budget deficits Thanks,scott

To Jack:

Thank you for your very thoughtful and intelligent response to this post.  Let me restate my case which I did not do in the post; I agree with your assessment that the democrats are not the only ones to blame. I think that the biggest difference of opinion we may have is in whom to point the blame toward. I believe that it lands solely in the lap of progressive politics and legislation. There can be no reasonable doubt that the democrat party is wholly sold out to progressivism.

There is no longer such an animal as a conservative democrat. This whole idea of a “blue dog” democrat is horse hockey. The way these democrats voted on health care and the Obama agenda is something they wish they could escape from but they cannot. The media is trying to help them re-write recent history to save them politically. Now let`s talk about the republicans;  the  Republicans have a few progressives as well, John McCain is a progressive, George Bush was a progressive, Lindsey Graham is a progressive, etc.

These Republicans are detestable in my opinion and need to be thrown out of office by the electorate in their districts. I want to see conservatism in high offices around the country. Ronald Reagan was not a progressive; however, the democrats controlled congress most of his two terms. He compromised with them in terms of spending to get tax cuts and military spending approved, so yes we did accrue a large national dept.  The reason progressives HATE Reagan so bad is because he was such an effective opponent politically and they hope theses idiot republicans never follow his lead.

The same democrat party which held Reagan’s feet to the fire on social welfare compromises in order to give him his tax cuts and military spending, blames him for his big deficits later in history. Reagan knew that cutting taxes would increase federal revenues as history proves time and time again. He felt that the cold war would only end if he could out spend the Russians in terms of building our Military arsenal.  Reagan also knew that a non-competitive economy such as the communists have; could not keep up with our free market economy in terms of government spending.  It was a huge big picture mentality on Reagan`s part to use this strategy which did in fact work in the end.

We have allowed the progressive to re-write history about one of our greatest presidents in the 20th century. I will always see Reagan as a hero in terms of how he led this country against an evil and aggressive communist world. To sum this up my friend, I am basically stating that progressivism and it`s ideology are the true enemies of America, and this ideology finds its true home in the democrat party.  The wealthy people in our country, the big corporations, and the conservative movement are not the enemy of freedom and liberty; Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and all other students of the progressive ideology are the true enemy`s of our country.


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The Obama administration has spent much time and effort pointing to banks as evil for holding the stimulus money they received. Obama ran to get in front of every camera he could to say that small business loans were a part of his job creation strategy. It is very easy to explain in this short post how completely incompetent this is and how “over his head” Obama really is. I remember when I first heard Obama bragging about this part of his strategy to create jobs (loaning money); I laughed my @#$%^ off because I knew how completely out of touch with business he was to hold such a belief.

In the capitalist system there are several things that come into play to create a viable market. In the case of the recent depression we have been in, yes I did say depression; it has been exacerbated largely from lack of confidence in the market.  Business owner both large and small have been terrified of the rhetoric that has exuded from this progressive fool in the Whitehouse.  If you are a wealthy business owner who has available funds to purchase new equipment, research new products, or expand to a new location; you are going to pay attention to tax policy in Washington.  If every time you turn on the radio or TV you hear Obama and the democrats waging class envy against the rich; you are going to slip into a safe zone and hide.

The rich in America run the economy and that is just fine by me. I don`t care how much money my fellow citizen makes as long as he/she is creating jobs through business growth.  When investors and business owners are afraid of Washington, they hide their money and wait it out.  Then you see this idiot Obama come tell us he has made available to banks additional funds for business loans to hire new people. Hey Obama…they don`t need barrowed money, they need customers to come purchase products and services.  You can loan a small business $20,000 all day long, but if that business has no customers they cannot pay the money back.  This is the real reason banks are not making loans. These businesses in turn have no customers because the average citizen is out of work and can`t spend. The wealthy people in our country are hiding until Obama and his minions disappear.

Let`s put this in reverse for a second and look at how simple economics can reverse this.  For you drones out there, go sip on a latte for a few minutes as this will not apply to you.  The first thing we need to happen is for Obama and the democrats to shut their class warfare pie holes and allow people to quit fearing Washington tax  and regulation policies.  The next step would be to prove that things are changing by actions and not words; cut taxes and regulation on big corporations and small businesses.  A good start would be to leave the bush tax cuts in place, and then add to them in the next Congress. These actions alone would spur growth because they show government getting out of the way of the private sector.  When the government and Obummer finally leave the wealthy citizens alone and let them do what they do best, the economy will begin to grow again.

When these so call evil rich people are once again un- afraid to invest and grow their businesses, wow…..guess what? They start to need extra help and then the hire new employees.  When these new employees start to receive pay checks, they go to Wal-Mart and other non-union (opps did I say non-union?) places to purchase goods and services.  This in turn starts to create more demand and the cycle repeats until we are in a full blown recovery. The problem is that it requires cut backs in spending and taxation to allow for this growth; and this is a big no-no for power hungry greedy progressives who don`t think we are smart enough to handle our own money.  They always say things like “we can`t afford a tax cut for the rich”, really???….well, we the people can’t afford to keep taking care of the leeches on the ass of America.  These leeches are namely politicians who couldn`t make it in the private sector yet become wealthy in Government making deals on the side.

We the American people who earn this damn money and own it, lest the drones forget that fact, think it`s time Washington does without.  I am tired of telling my family “not this year kids, we have to wait”. Then I turn on the radio and Obummer and his husband Michelle are on another vacation somewhere in the world and Pelosi has a private jet.  It`s time we put Washington on a tight budget and that includes you damn Republicans too.  I want my damn money that I make with my blood sweat and tears to go where the hell I say, not some jerk progressive in Washington. Finally to the drones: life isn`t fair, get off your dead asses and make your own way in life and leave me and my family the hell alone!!


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The republican party is under the mistaken impression that the current political climate is about them: sorry guys it`s not about you. The current electorate and the Tea Party are voting against democrats, not for republicans, and there is a difference. The Republican Party is just as much at fault for the Obama/Pelosi disaster as the democrats are. I am not saying its George Bush`s fault like so many of the drones do, I am saying that the republicans abused the authority that we gave them. The republicans caused so much anger about spending; and they were so willing to cave to the democrats, that the conservatives walked away in 2008. The independents were saying: “anybody but the republicans”, and the progressives were in la`la` land over Obama

The republican leadership in the house has always been more willing to stand on conservative principles, but the senate is a joke. John Boehner (R-OH) has stood strong against the Obama regime and will make a good leader in the house;  Mitch Mc Connell on the other hand talks tuff but seems more than willing to reach across the political aisle. Let me help you republicans get a clue! We do not need to compromise any longer with the progressives; they never compromised with us did they! They never allowed republican alternative bills to come to the floor for a vote; all the while telling the media the republicans have no ideas to bring to the table. Does anyone else here remember when the republicans were in control and they actually gave democrats some seats on certain committees? They did so because the democrats cried to the media night
after night that Gore should have won. The spineless republicans caved as usual and let the democrats share committee seats……yuk!!

We conservatives must remember how brutal these progressives are when they hold power; we must not be willing to cave to their cries for fairness. The election could produce a huge majority for the republicans in the house and possibly the senate as well.  The republican leadership had better toe the conservative line or we will throw their asses out in 2012. This is about saving the greatest Republic the world has ever known, this is about saving America, this about freedom from the tyranny of government; it is not about the Republican Party.

We must remember that our founding fathers knew that a country ruled by men would always spiral down into tyranny. They knew that the rights of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (not the guarantee of happiness) were granted to men at birth by almighty God. They knew that if God granted rights no man could take them away; they were inalienable and no government could interfere. If government is the source of rights, then government can take them away.  If you look at any other nation and their socialistic or communistic governments, the people are granted rights from that government. The unrest in Europe is a direct result of failed socialism and rights granted by government.

The republicans need to understand that they have become the lesser evil. They need to understand that the people will be watching and we will vote them out if they do not follow constitutional principles. The democrat party no longer has a moderate wing. They ALL voted for Pelosi`s agenda period. They now are running home and lying to their constituents about their actions in Washington, they are running from Obama and Pelosi. How pathetic they really are! I say in closing “we are not  campaigning for republicans, we are campaigning against democrats”

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What do I mean by this statement? We as Americans have become so divide by party that we literally hate one another from across party lines. We all have our bumper stickers that show our disgust for the other side. We all laugh the evil laugh of mad men when we see the other side fail. Don`t get me wrong I am right there with ya`ll. I am a conservative first and a republican second. I am so damn sick of the Republican Party at this point I don`t have a party. The republicans are weak and spineless in their resolve to fight. I have to say that socialists in the democrat party are fighters and they don`t give up until they win. The problem I see is that the Republican Party is too liberal and the democrat party is socialist. But where is the majority of Americans?

One of the most accurate polls is Rasmussen and I say that because they have been the most accurate historically. ( There polling shows that the American people are largely conservative in fact they are the majority. ( ) Why is this so important? we as Americans are fighting each other instead of the true enemy ,the government. It is true that there will always be those who want the government to have total control and to take care of them. The vast majority of Americans just want to be free and be left alone. Those who want to have the government take care of them from the moment they are born to the day they die will never listen to reason.

What do we want as conservatives in both parties? Pat Cadell is a democrat that I respect because he is a truthful decent man. He is socially liberal (welfare, abortion, etc) but he is a physical conservative (military spending, government power). Pat cadell makes the argument that his party has been hijacked by socialists and communists and most people laugh when they hear those words but he is right. Obama is a socialist period and there is plenty of evidence to prove that. The federal government is spending trillions (with a T) on government jobs, healthcare and other programs during a time when we need JOBS!!! not more government. The polls show clearly that American`s don`t want socialized medicine or a government run healthcare.

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Furthermore they don`t want more government spending. The government does not make money, they don`t sell a product or a service as a private sector business does. Where do they get their money? From taxes ……that`s it they get all of it from taxes. The more they take from us (democrat or republican) the less we have for our families. The more they spend in deficit spending the more our future is sold out to paying off dept. What is deficit spending? It is like you in your own home living off of a credit card. We all know how damn stupid that would be, yet this is what those idiot`s in Washington are doing. The congress and Obama are spending money on one big government credit card and we and our children will have to pay it back.

I don`t want to offend my democrat brother and sisters who are conservative, I just ask you to open you mind and your eyes so we can take back our country. We may differ on some issues like welfare and abortion but we both want to be free to own a business and make money and actually keep what we make. As for the socialists who may read this, you are an enemy to my country and I don`t give a damn what you think.

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