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I decided it was time to reveal some things about myself and how I came to believe in the conservative ideology and its principles. I grew up in a Democrat family; my grandmother was a staunch Democrat and worshiped JFK. I was born in Columbus Ohio which is well known to be a Democrat area. My family was quite dysfunctional and I had no father in the home. My mother was a drug addict and my father was absent from my life until I was 29. I met him once and have never seen or heard from him since.

I grew up extremely poor, my mother cleaned bars for a living and I remember we would steal Bar-nuts and other condiments for food.  My mother would on occasion apply for welfare and then when she found work she would get off the program.  It was at this time in my life I learned that social welfare programs are needed in America, we just don`t do a good job of qualifying people.  I grew up smoking pot and doing many other hard drugs; my mother was a 60`s hippie and I was allowed to do these things.  At the age of 14 I went with my mother to my first AA meeting in Elyria, Ohio which later on would save my life.

In 1979 my family moved to Georgia because during the Carter administration there was such high unemployment in Cleveland. I continued to use drugs and drink until I found myself in jail and looking at a 5 year sentence in 1983. I had no education as I chose to quit school in 1982, I had no hope, and I had no confidence in who I was or where my life was going. I was very fortunate to be given a chance to join the United States Navy instead of going to prison when the court date arrived.

In 1984 a man named Ronald Reagan was elected president; I had never voted before and I had no real idea about the two political parties except that I knew my family was all democrats.  I never really paid attention to the fact the Reagan was a Republican; I just knew I liked him and I saw how America was changing and people seemed proud and full of hope once again.  I remember “Reaganomics” and other criticisms that Reagan received from the media. I still had no clue about politics but I began to see that as a young adult, the things Reagan said made sense.  I also saw regular raises on my military paycheck which made me happy as well.

When I got home from the Military in 1986 I met my wife and was married in 1989. I began to work in the private sector and I started my own business in 1993. I had taken the GED while in the service and I was an avid reader. It was at this time in my life I began to listen to Rush Limbaugh and other talk show hosts. As a small businessman I knew the economic policies of the Republicans and other conservatives worked; I had seen this for myself. Having come from despotism and poverty as a child, I was proud that I had stopped doing drugs and drinking, I was proud that I had a chance to make my own way in America. I saw others who I had grown up with continue to live the lifestyle of a drug addict and alcoholic and wonder why they had no real success in their lives. Many of them became jealous and resentful and are no longer my friends.

I have made money and lost money, I have been through to divorces and several tragic deaths of people who I loved dearly. I lost almost everything in 2008 and 2009 due to the poor economy and my business being tied to housing.  I never once wanted anything from the government or Obama; except to leave my freedom alone. I learned the hard way in life that I could not count on anyone but myself to make my way in life. I learned that I couldn`t always control what happened to me but I could control my attitude toward the situation at hand.  In 2008 I decided at 42 years old to go to college, I had always dreamed of being a writer. I love to put idea`s and thoughts to paper, and I love the thought of those idea`s or stories helping others.  I was broke and I had lost everything, I no longer had the big $100,000+ a year income and the houses and cars; but I was happier than I had been in years.

It is my life`s goal to share with others why I believe in people and not government. I know that no matter how far down the scale in life you have gone freedom can allow you to change and pursue a different course. I have seen broke and uneducated people decide to follow a dream in America and become wealthy and successful. The free market capitalistic economy we have enjoyed since our founding is not perfect; however, it is the most perfect system in comparison to all others known to man.  In human history socialism, communism, fascism, or any other nasty ism has not shown the success that American capitalism has. Our children are being re-educated in today`s schools to see history from a different and false point of view. These children now see murdering thugs like Che Guevara as cult or revolutionary hero`s when in fact he was a cold blooded communist killer.  He confiscated the wealth of private citizens in Cuba and executed thousands in the name of so called economic equality.

I think back to those friends of mine who chose to continue on a negative fruitless path in life. I saw many of them die from health problems relating to poor choices they had made. I saw some of them spend years in prison, and I saw others remain in hopeless poverty.  They were prisoners of their own minds, they were never shown a better way and when they were given a chance they scoffed at it. So many Americans make choices that cause them to fail; they have horrible negative attitudes which repel any and all chance of success.  These same people, angry, resentful, uneducated, and misinformed stand in front of some politician who claims he will provide for all their needs if they vote for him. This politician tells them that the reason they are poor and destitute is because the rich man is greedy and must be taxed more. These poor Americans become the useful idiots of the left.

I despise the left and their lies. I despise the way their class warfare garbage has turned one citizen against another.  I detest the way they use the American public to advance failed policies and old world European socialism.  I am not a rich man, I am not a republican, I am a constitutional conservative who say`s “give me liberty or give me death”. I believe in freedom from a tyrannical all powerful centralized government.   Freedom is far more valuable than security and we have lost our love for freedom in America. To the drones: you will never understand these beliefs or principles; you will always choose security from big government rather than freedom.  The same police power of government that you set loose on the rich man with your votes, will turn on you and eat you someday.  God bless America!!

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