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I hope all of you had as wonderful a thanksgiving as we did in our family. I haven`t posted in several days as I have other writing responsibilities that I must attend to first at times.  I was on my evening walk and I was thinking, as I often do when I walk, about Sovereignty and how it applies at many different levels to the aspect of freedom and a free society. One of my goals in writing about politics has always been to explain political ideals and conservative principles in a more plain fashion. As I watch the talking heads on the news I sometimes say to myself; “no wonder most people hate politics”.

I was chatting with my son and oldest daughter the other day that are now old enough to vote, about how important that right was. They both said “dad we hate politics”. This is the point that I think most conservatives fail to see, that we need to speak in plain straight language to reach the masses. Most people when polled realize that they line up more closely with a conservative than a progressive; they just don`t know it until someone speaks English to them instead of Washington BS.

As I was saying earlier, I want to talk about Sovereignty on an individual level. We all hear politicians speak about national Sovereignty and how important that is; but what about the subject of individual Sovereignty? And what does that mean? The founders believed that one of the aspects of European tyranny was the fact that all rights were granted by a King, Queen, or some other Government official. The Declaration of Independence clearly states that rights are God given at birth to all men, and are inalienable; that is to say that no human, be they pauper or king, can take them away. In other words, you as an individual are Sovereign and own yourself and have rights granted at birth by Almighty God; whatever version of God you may believe in.

The progressive and the Marxists do not believe in individual Sovereignty, they may claim they do when it comes to social issues; but they do not believe in Sovereignty on an economic level. I was in a conversation on a left wing blog the other day and the guy said to me “you have a duty to pay taxes for roads and other social issues”. If that were all the progressives wanted then I would happily agree to some fixed percentage and move on. The problem is that progressives can never name a figure and I have even heard national radio personalities like Hannity or Mark Levin ask this question. I have heard Hannity ask liberals “how much is enough? Name a figure for me”.

Progressives call keeping what you earn “greedy”, I am one who thinks taking something from someone you didn`t earn is an absolute form of greed. To sit back and buy into the “class warfare” garbage that the progressives in the democrat and republican parties spew out creates hatred toward fellow citizens. These people then vote for politicians who will use the police power of the federal government to steal their fellow citizen’s wealth. The rich are the minority in this country and so they don`t have enough votes to fight the majority of Americans who live in the covetousness of a “class warfare” mentality. This in return usurps the very individual rights or Sovereignty of another citizen.

We all have a finite amount of time on this earth when we are born; some have more than others, none of us knows the amount of time we have. Every day people get up and trade time for money, they go to work each day either at a job or a business that they own. Some individuals have paid the cost of years in Trade schools or college and have thousands invested in student loans to pay back. Others may have invented some new product or service that filled a need for millions of people and therefore they made millions in return. No matter how one earns a living, they trade the precious commodity of finite time that they have on this earth to do so. I say all this to point out the importance of private property and wealth, if you trade time for money, that money is your private property and damn well should be. There are those in every society who have physical and mental illness and cannot fend for themselves and we as a society should provide a safety net for them. I have never been opposed to social welfare programs; however, the left wants to sign everybody and their brother up and cares nothing about their citizenship status to boot.

But what should we do about those in society who choose to be mentally ill or sick? What about those who make very poor decisions and shoot a bird to all who try holding them accountable for their actions?  Just as there are many who choose to work hard, finish school, pay their own way thru college; there are those who choose to quit school, do drugs, drink alcohol in excess, and become pregnant at a young age. Finally, there are those who just simply have an entitlement mentality and don`t give a damn about personal responsibility. These leeches on the ass of society are loved by the democrats because that’s who they vote for. The democrats know this and don`t care, all they want is power.

We the people of this nation who love freedom and liberty; should not revert this magnificent society called America back to the horrible European socialism we left behind over 200 years ago.  We should remain Sovereign as a nation and we should respect our fellow citizens individual Sovereignty.

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I want to thank all of my readers; I also want to say that you drive me and help me think about what I will write next in each sentence. As a writer I must think about the audience I am speaking to as I write; it helps me  to frame my thoughts as I put them together to communicate my ideas.  Today, however, I plan to throw all academics out the window and just get gut level honest: I have a resentment today!

I have spoken with a lot of people over these last few months and so many of them are in horrible shape financially. I have watched businesses close down and some even disappear. I see house after house with either a for rent sign or a for sale sign in front.  I hear the stories at the local café` about those who are working and those who are not. The new haves and have not`s are; the ones who have jobs and the ones who don`t.  And yet, the democrats march on!

The democrats and the drones continue to blame all this on bush: He must have an enormous amount of power that Bush; to screw the economy up so bad four years ago that we are still paying the price.  The democrats have had control of the house since 2006 remember? The democrats would not work with bush on anything he asked them to do legislatively; except to fund the War, and even that was a fight.  Bush is just not that damn powerful people; and I tell you, my fellow countrymen, that no one would have let Bush blame Clinton two years into his presidency.

Yes the democrats and the drones march on; and they have no regard for those who are hurting. When is the last time you talked to a government employee? It`s really sickening if you take a minute to talk to them about the economy. They say things like” I know, everyone’s hurting right now,” and they try so hard to act like they give a damn. The truth is that they are just damn glad to have a job and not be in the private sector. None of these people would give an ounce of their precious gravy train away to help a fellow citizen.  They walk around with eyes forward and heads down in a crowd of people who used to have a private sector job.  They know damn well what’s going on; Obama is for the public sector period.

Since Obama came into office the only legislative agenda he has put forth; is public sector, union jobs.  This president doesn`t give a damn about the private sector and neither do his drones. As a private business man I never took anything away from a fellow American in any deal I made.  The things I wanted and needed for the growth of my company and to feed my family never required others to sacrifice. I was the one who sacrificed, and I was the one who paid the price for my own wellbeing and financial success.  The drones and the public sector employees are not like that; they must take from us the citizens of this great country to get what they want or need.  They cry and bitch about benefits and yearly raise`s as if they have it so damn bad, and yet they make far more than the average private sector employee.

The public sector employee could care less about the private sector companies that are now on the rocks; as long as they keep getting their paychecks and benefits.  They look to Obama and buy into his convoluted, moronic explanations’ as too why the economy is still slow and are glad to blame Bush.  I believe that in their minds, if its Bushes fault, they have no guilt of their own to consider.

The truth is as simple as this: if you are a democrat and/or a public sector employee and you keep supporting this fool; you are guilty as hell for the horrible things you see your neighbor and community business owner going through.  The private sector taxation pays your damn paycheck fool. If you continue to support a politician or president that is harsh toward the private sector; you will someday loose you little gravy train job. I know some of you work very hard each day you go to work: I use the phrase “gravy train,” because you damn well get better pay from the government than you would in the private sector.

So, what do these people do, they  keep their  heads down and hope they can get their little piece of the pie secured before the shit hits the fan.  The public sector employee is scared to death of conservatives and “The tea Party,” because these groups might actually cut government jobs and benefits to bring them back in line with reality.  I have one question for the public sector employee; who the hell is it that was born to wake up every day and pay extra taxes so your family can live the high life? Yes, I have a resentment, and I am not ashamed to tell it like it is.

The other day, I was sitting in Dawsonville, GA at a store and a government (Dawson County) vehicle pulled up to the store. The driver was a female and she got out of this 2009 Ford Explorer with a smart phone too her ear and a great looking outfit on. On her wrists were several gold bracelets and on her fingers were beautiful diamond rings.  I watched her walk into the store, I`m sure on the clock, with a smile on her face and laughter in the conversation she was having.  I wondered if she knew how many private sector people were hurting, out of work, losing their homes, and deeply scared and depressed.  I wondered if she had felt a pay cut, couldn`t pay a bill, or was worried about her future.  She may have been a perfectly nice person, and she may have compassion for all the things mentioned; but, on the other hand, she may not give a damn, as long as she gets hers.

We must begin to care about our neighbor once again. We must let go of this horrible class warfare ideal that separates’ us from one another.  The public sector had better start to wise up about where they’re bread gets buttered; I have some news for them, it’s not from government. The public sector employee needs the private sector to grow, expand, and be healthy if he or she wants to keep they’re jobs.

I lost a business this past year; one that I built from the ground up.  I didn`t make poor decisions or live above my means. I never treated my customers poorly or operate in corrupt ways:  I am a victim of government. I am a victim of Obama and his anti-business rhetoric which frightens the investor and freezes investment spending.  My business slowly evaporated over a two year period into nothing more than a hobby. I had a gross sales of over $250,000 a year until 2008; by 2009 it was cut in half and continued to spiral down into nothingness by 2010.

I decided to share this personal story, not for pity, but because there are thousands of like stories out there in the private sector, and no one in government seems to care. Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and thanks for your interest in this Blog.


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