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The Arizona shootings have put everything in the limelight except the recovery of Congresswomen Gifford’s and the investigation of the gunman Jared Lee Loughner. We all know the story, it has been run into the ground this week; the same old back and forth between left and right about the politicizing of a murder; the nutcase sheriff running back and forth between networks telling us all to stop the vitriol while he himself is doing the same; Sarah Palin being implicated in the story because of a coincidental campaign add; and the media actually spending time discussing these non- newsworthy stories.

What of the victims in this tragedy? How is Congresswomen Gifford`s? How is the investigation doing? How are the families of the deceased victims doing? These are just a few of the questions that should be at the top of the news instead of the third page. That is what is currently going on; the fairness doctrine and Sarah Palin are the front page and Gifford`s and the shooter are in the background. This is what the November elections were all about; Americans are simply fed up with all of it.

The blatant hypocrisy and jaw dropping lies that Americans are seeing from the left this last two years has been totally exposed. The left no longer has control of the minds of the majority of voters; that is to say that the voters have become engaged and educated; they no longer believe the media`s template of the right; and they are ready to act in defense of their principles. The only groups still defending the indefensible are the drones, the unions, and the same tired old leftists groups. The Democrats have lost their audience, they simply are not believable.

The Republicans are in trouble as well at least in the senate, they are running behind the American people screaming; “hey, I am your leader!” while the people keep walking forward. The people are doing the work not the Republicans! Just look at the Tea Party and what it was able to do in a very short time span. The Tea Party really is an amazing story of how the people can come together and got things done. The Democrats hate the Tea Party because they do not need the Democrat Party; the Republicans tolerate the Tea Party because they have no base without them.

It was so gratifying to watch both of the major parties react to the Tea Party during the weeks leading up to the November elections; what a bunch of detestable jerks the leaders in both parties were. God bless the thinking Americans and their resolve to take back our Republic.

Finally, I want to say how sorry I am to see such a beautiful and talented lady such as Gabrielle Gifford`s be the victim of such a tragedy. God be with the families whose loved ones did not survive this rampage. God help each family member of each of those lost to endure this horrid nightmare. God help us all to ignore the left and the right and their political ambulance chasing and focus on those who are in need at this time.

Scott Biddulph






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