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The Bush era tax cuts have become the latest out of touch debacle of our self-serving detestable government. These politicians really do live on another planet, and I don`t say that in a clichéd manner, I really mean another planet. Washington, the once proud capital of the most magnificent society every built by man, is now a den of thieves, socialists, liars, and leeches. The Media runs around behind them ready to devour every scrap or crumb they leave behind like demonic hyena`s; all the while prepared to announce from a mountaintop whatever statement is made as if it were total fact. Today`s Media is a lapdog waiting to be petted by its master, the ruling class.

The ruling class never hears what the private citizen shouts or cares what pain he or she suffers. They climb into their black SUV or the latest chartered jet paid for by tax payer`s money and live the high life on the public treasury. They wake up every day looking for some other self important cause to pass a new law in the dead of night; and then go home and smile at themselves in the mirror at how good a servant of the public they truly are.  Each day some new constituency, corporation, foreign official, special interest group, or media lap dog must bow at the altar of the mighty politician, the ruling class, and the anointed ones.

When the hell are we going to have enough of this? Who the hell are these people that they somehow where born to control the lives of millions? There are 535 of these jackasses in congress and some skinny black kid from Chicago making decisions which are making 300 million people’s lives miserable. Under the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution we don`t have to abide by or listen to a damn thing these fools say or do. They are all liars, all detestable snakes, stealing the private wealth of Americans for their own personal agendas in which most Americans don`t give a damn about as they stand in front of some microphone and announce to the world that we do. They give our hard earned public treasury to our enemies and don`t give a damn if we like it or not; as the world`s leaders turn their heads and laugh at what gullible fools we have become.

The papers, talking heads, and news shows, all talk about the compromise the congress has come to on the Bush tax cut extensions. The President with a straight face does a total 360 and tells Americans we must have these “Tax Cuts” because they are good for the economy. At this point I should like to address the President:

The first thing Barrack is that you know damn well you don`t believe a word of what just came out of your mouth. You grew up a socialist, went to school with socialists, and were groomed by socialists your whole detestable life. You know that these are not tax cuts, they are tax cut extensions, which means the tax rates will be the same as they have been during the last 10 years.

You have decided to endorse these extensions because they will not grow the economy and you know they won`t. You know that businesses need more definite foundations to build on then a two year promise from you, a liar that their taxes will remain the same. You know you plan to come back to the microphone sometime in the future and tell the American people “I tried the tax cut thing, I tried to work across the aisle with republicans, and tax cuts did not help our economy”. You just can`t allow taxes to go up in January because Americans will know that it is YOUR fault, and Pelosi`s fault, and Reid`s fault, and every other blood sucking leech in congress who supports a progressive tax. You and your low life minions are the most crooked snake pit of vile leeches on the ass of society America has ever seen in her history.

I digress, and I would like to now address the Republicans if I may:

You spineless two faced jackasses, you self righteous self important, unappreciative fools; the election was not about you and we really don`t like you either; it`s just that your lies are a little bit more tolerable than the left. You are all forgetting the message of the people just a few weeks ago; stop spending our damn money like fools. I feel for the unemployed but they don`t deserve a check for not working until the end of time. You need to let the chips fall where they may, you need to stop helping the enemy (Democrats in case you forgot) by voting for their agenda. When unemployment runs out the people will be headed to Washington with pitch forks demanding a policy change on the economy.

This regime, and it is a regime, in the White house has done nothing but frighten the rich people who make our economy grow. They have announced one government attack after another, one regulation after another, they have spewed the class warfare rhetoric daily from the  White House to congress; wealthy people have ran to the hills and hid. You hate the Tea Party candidates who beat your asses in the primaries and were elected by the people; you instead put into positions of power the same old tired Republican fools who helped the democrats create this debacle. You fools had better get some balls and soon or we the people will throw you out on your asses in the next election.

This tax extension bill is an agenda of the left to save their sorry asses, wake up people, let the damn things expire and deal with it on our terms in February 2011.


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